North Dakota Makes Noise at Silent Auction

Last night, I attended ASU’s Photographer’s Association Silent Auction in downtown Phoenix. I was hoping to score some smoking deals on original art from the talented students and faculty offering pieces for the auction. I did not win my bid but a swell time was had by all.  

North Dakota was on hand to liven up First Studio with general ruckusness. It was awfully dark in that room so photographs were a bit much for me… I stole this shot from River Jones, all in good spirit.

If you haven’t checked out North Dakota’s album, do it now. Right here.

The show was super packed. I was tempted to started pushing my way through but opted for blogging my aggression at a later time. River Jones did not take this picture.

Friendly Photo Club volunteers were on hand to register bidders. River Jones did not take this picture.

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