Eclectic Music Videos

So we’ve come across several eclectic music videos throughout the year that didn’t quite “fit in” with any of the music video posts that made our page. As a special end-of-the-year treat, we’re sharing them with you today…

Micah Bentley
“2012 Mashup”

This mashup of songs from last year’s biggest radio hits is pretty fun and only made more so by the artist performing each part separately (but together) in different outfits. We’re hoping for a 2013 version soon and there better be some “Blurred Lines” in it.

Pam Barker
“So Long, Goodbye, Good Riddance”

Everyone has that one person they could sing this song to… but your version probably wouldn’t have the snappy animations worked in. Go, Pam Barker!

Hi My Name is Ryan
“Didn’t You Hear? (Carwash)”

Oh, Ryan Avery. How I adore some projects and not so much others… I will say this: He puts it all out in the name of art.

Dead City Lights
“Get Me Home”

I get it… the song’s about an angel and the dude in the video is painting an angel. Still, somehow, the images in the video (a painting being created in high speed) doesn’t really fit with the music itself (super pop-punk).

Jimmy Pines
“Perfect Woman”

Okay, Jimmy might have something going here, but we still couldn’t quite figure out where to stick this video over the past year. That bowtie in combination with the lyric “ass don’t stop” works for us.


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