Best EP: Of the Painted Choir

Drawing from 60s pop music to create a truly unique style of southwestern indie rock, Of the Painted Choir continued their recording efforts last year with a stellar, self-titled EP. Of the Painted Choir had been on our radar for a while before the band handed over their much-anticipated EP to eager fans in April.

Of the Painted Choir provides listeners with one of the best examples of what can be accomplished through DIY recording, but, to be fair, Frederick Huang (frontman and originator of OTPC) did intern with Wavelab Studios in Tucson so he might have a jump on the rest of the DIYers.

“Lula, My Baby”, which opens the EP, is already an Of the Painted Choir classic. The tracks are nuanced, distinctive, and fluid; all marks of contemplative construction. At the same time, they are totally listenable, danceable even, in the way good pop songs should be, making it our pick for 2013. You can hear it for yourself right here.