Radio Phoenix Podcast with Wolvves


Wolvves (well, some of them and then some other dudes) came down to the Radio Phoenix studios at Phoenix Center for the Arts for The Bungalow Show back in August.

Wolvves “_________”

The Thin Bloods “All Pinned Up”

Petty Things “Wake Up Skeleton”

The Wavelengths “The Wavelengths”

Wolvves “Home”

Pro Teens “Contact High”

 Charles Mingus “Passions of a Man”

JFA “Skateboard”

JFA “We Know You Suck”

Pro Teens “Goodnight Moon”

Aaron Mortemore “Too Much To Think About”

The Electric Magpie “Airport Blues”

Wolvves “Static”

Biologia “Biologia Boogie”

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