Locals-Only Holiday Shopping: The Not-Quite-Last-Minute Edition

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and, with that, comes the holidays. If you still have a few folks left on your list, look no further. We have more fabulous finds from Arizona Artisans.

Arizona Artisans - YabYum Music Blog

This navy and white stars cabochon pendant necklace from The Peach Seahorse makes for a stylish addition for any lucky lady.


This eco-friendly, hand-knitted Elephant from Woolies offers the kiddies something special this season. Check out their array of animal offerings including monkeys, teddy bears, and a rainbow unicorn.


Closet of Mysteries features an array of unique and intersting t-shirts with a splash of mysticism like this Men’s As Above, So Below T-Shirt.


What’s more original than this completely customizable Fingerpring Ring from Carmellas Jewelry? Nothing. One of a kind.


Even cooler for the cat-lover in your life than a copy of Catification is a copy signed by Kate Benjamin herself. Availalbe only through Hauspanther, you’ll also receive a free cat toy with the purchase of your signed copy! The site also boasts an assortment of cat toys for your furry friends.


The wine-lover in your life will thank you for this handmade, rustic wine rack from WPB Custom Woodwork. The woodworking wonders don’t stop there so peruse your other options.


Every teenage girl (or me) would be down for this Alice in Wonderland cellphone case from Cases & Such AZ. It’s adorable and it promotes literature (not drug use).


I have a longstanding and mildly obsessional love of Strawberry Hedgehog‘s extensive line of soaps and body care products. This holiday season you can find sweet-smelling gifts like this Lavendar Love Soap Set (pictured above) or, my favorite, a membership in the Strawberry Hedgehog Soap of the Month Club (want want want).


We all know a Cardinals’ fan. You can spot them by their Facebook posts. Maybe you should get that football fanatic something to wear other than same old jersey. Maybe something like this Dia De Los Birdgang T-Shirt from Arizoniacs.


This hand-knitted Link Hat would thrill the nerd guy or grrl in your life. A warm head and a happy heart. Find your favorite franchise, be it Hello Kitty or Marvel, through Fandom Stitches.


That culinary creatrix in your life will be reminded of you every time they see this Lick the Bowl chalkboard print from Chalk Treatment.


Sure, flowers are nice, but these Vintage Book Paper Flowers are better and they’ll live forever. Find these flowers and more from Simply Green Designs


Tucson’s Mrs. Oddly offers items for the patron who maybe isn’t so interested in Christmas or Hannukah like this Goofer’s Dust. Folks can also find Poppets, Spells, and Wicked Church Candles.

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