Radio Phoenix Podcast with Anamieke


Anamieke of Sidepony Express Music and the band Treasurefruit joined us on the air for Rise! on Radio Phoenix. We have the podcast now available right here! Complete playlist is located down below!

Yab Yum on Rise 10-01-14 by Radio Phoenix on Mixcloud


Fairy Bones “Duka”

Where Are All the Buffalo? “Hold On”

Bad Neighbors “Once Upon a Planet”

Paper Foxes “Marz Attacks”

Dadadoh “Teach You a Lesson”

Treasurefruit “Giddy Up”

Genre “East Coast Sunshine Blues”

Head Over Heart “You and Me”

Field Tripp “Generous Folks”

Catfish Mustache “Last Call”

Day Before Plastics “Watch You Walk Away”

Pride Through Strife “Music”

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