Miss Congeniality: Andy Warpigs

andy 03

photo provided by Andy Warpigs

We’re fortunate to live in an area with such a supportive music scene. Musicians usually have good things to say about other bands making the rounds on the local circuit, but few, if any, are as pervasively enthusiastic as Andy Warpigs. In all our dealings with the man, he has never once said, “Oh, that band…” Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate (and enjoy) all the insight into the inner workings of the local scene we get over parking lot cigarette breaks, but every encounter with Andy is both warm and positive.

Maybe it’s because his mom, another charmer, often joins him at events or maybe it’s because a ukulele evokes a friendly, unassuming air or it could be because Andy really is just an all-around nice guy. Whatever the case may be, Andy Warpigs is a scene-supporter.

And, it doesn’t hurt that we really enjoy his music. Folk Punk Yourself came out in February and has provided countless hours of quality listening time down at HQ. You should score yourself a copy here. Support Andy Warpigs. He supports you. At least, in front of the press.

And, as an added bonus, we’ve included this video for “Drown My Baby” from Folk Punk Yourself.