Rocky Horror: A Pictorial

rocky horror 00

All photos by Zach Lewis. Andy Warpigs as Frank N. Furter

by Zach Lewis
Contributing Writer

It’s safe to assume that most people reading this are familiar with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Originally produced as a theatrical music production and later re-imagined for film, the 1970s musical horror comedy has, over the last 40 years, spawned a cult following unlike any other. Rocky Horror has been recreated countless times over the last four decades, and this week saw the production land on stage in downtown Phoenix.

Centered on protagonists Brad and Janet, The Rocky Horror Picture Show follows the trials and tribulations of two newly-engaged youngsters. After a bit of bad luck in the form of a flat tire, Brad and Janet stumble upon the home of Frank N. Furter – an extraterrestrial transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. Amongst an annual convention of Transylvanians, Brad and Janet quickly find themselves out of their comfort zone and soon lose their innocence as they become seduced by Frank and his outlandish band of guests.

This past week’s production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show took place on May 29th and 30th at the Firehouse art space in downtown Phoenix. Co-directed by Sheri Amourr and Ting Ting, the self-proclaimed DIY theater event virtually sold out both nights at the Firehouse’s ad hoc back lot stage. The cast included several Phoenix-based actors, comedians, dancers and musicians, and the show took on a decidedly “local” feel as many plot elements were revised to reflect life in the Valley of the Sun. The fully-immersive production was generally touted as a success and featured a live band, full stage performance, video vignettes, guided audience participation and intermission complete with fire performance. Event sponsors included 23 Print Collective and Mazel Toast Presents.

rocky horror 01

Event co-director Ting Ting welcomes audience members to Rocky Horror at the Firehouse

rocky horror 02

Main characters, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, enjoying the Hapschatt wedding

rocky horror 03

“The Time Warp!”

rocky horror 04

Frank N. Furter flanked by fellow Transylvanians Magenta and Columbia

rocky horror 05

“I Can Make You a Man!”

rocky horror 06

Korbin Austin performing during intermission

rocky horror 07

“Planet, Schmanet, Janet!”

rocky horror 08

Rocky Horror “virgins” invited on stage with the Usherettes

rocky horror 09

“Rose Tint My World”

rocky horror 10

The Floor Show

rocky horror 11

Frank N. Furter

rocky horror 12

Frank N. Furter performs at The Floor Show

rocky horror 13

Chris Gillespie as Brad Majors

rocky horror 14

Andy Warpigs and usherette Tara Berry

rocky horror 15

The cast takes a bow.

Directors – Sheri Amourr & Ting Ting
Musical Director – Joe Sawinski
Choreography – Haylee Hughes
Promotion – Jeff Moses
Set/Prop Design – Jason Louiselle
Sound – AcidTrasH
Lighting – Jenn Michelson
Costumes – Brenda Flavin

Frank N. Furter – Andy Warpigs
Janet Weiss – Sheri Amourr
Brad Majors – Chris Gillespie
Riff Raff – Joe Sawinski
Magenta – Marcela Grassa
Columbia – Lauren Michelle
Dr. Everett Scott – Ashley Naftule
Rocky Horror – Joobs
Eddie – Serene Dominic
Narrator – Ernesto Moncada
Usherettes – Meme Corella, Tara Berry, Margo Brookover
Ralph Hapschatt – Kyle Short
Betty Munroe – Amy Jean Page
Transylvanians – Haylee Hughes, Amy Sell, Salma Gundi, Neal Johnson, Emily Cimino, Lauren Adams, Holly Arnold & Jason Bowman

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