6 Worthy Causes in the Arts

Casa Butthole Records

The Casa Butthole Collective is gearing up to launch a record label and they could use some help along the way. This DIY project aims to promote music in the Phoenix-Metro Area which is something we can definitely get behind. Contributors can earn buttons, tshirts, tapes, or even a subscription to their forthcoming releases. And there are some really rad bands already signed on to the Casa Butthole label. You can see the complete list (and donate) here.

Sonoran Chorus Ready to Make a Music Video

That feisty trio known as Sonoran Chorus are ready to make a music video and they’re working with ASU student filmmaker, Remy Smith. They have some swell prizes in exchange for your donations including buttons and cassette tapes of their upcoming release. Find out more and contribute here.

Help Clay Dudash Record His New EP

Tucson singer-songwriter Clay Dudash is ready to record his new EP, Favourable Behaviour, and could use a little help tackling those recording costs. Learn more and contribute here.

Measure For Measure by the ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club

The ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club plan to bring classical theatre into a modern context but they could use a little assistance. Come on, folks. College is expensive enough so buy your tickets early. In fact, buy them right now, right here.

Help Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold’s Debut Album

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold have been making a name around the Valley for several years and they’re now ready to head into the studio to record their much-anticipated debut! Jalipaz over at Audioconfusion will be working with Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold on the album for what we feel is a perfect pairing. Contributors can earn good vibes, early copies of the album, band swag, and even a lap dance from Jessie (true story). Learn more and make your contribution here.

Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold

Help 76th Street Record Their Debut EP

This indiepop duo is ready to take their music into the studio to record their debut EP. These ASU students-by-day could use a little community support to reach their goals. Contributors can score digital downloads of the EP, handwritten lyrics, even a in-house performance. More here.