6 HipHop Singles You Should Hear

Mega Ran

“The East Coast”

I always think of Mega Ran as Arizona-born and -bred, but as it turns out  this is just me applying some desert-centric assumptions. Truth is, Mega Ran has Philly roots. This new track from the locally-based emcee goes for a harder sound than expected – considering the nerdcore style that established his fan base – and I’m all about it. The track was produced by The Arcitype and will be the lead single on Leedz Edutainment’s compilation, Eastern Standard, due out later this summer. Check out “East Coast” from Mega Ran here…


“I’m a  Bad Man”

Damn. The rhyme style of Champz will leave you dizzy. And, for his new track, Champz sampled Stealers Wheel’s “Stuck in the Middle With You”, a personal favorite. So, basically, I’m loving “I’m a Bad Man”. You will too. Long Island’s Champz needs to plan a Southwest tour. Until that happens, you can spin “I’m a Bad Man” here…


“What I Got”

Tomorrow night Dadadoh will be unleashing his latest album, Radical, in Phoenix through the music (and more) collective, TVLife Entertainment. Before antics ensue on Friday, you can take a moment to chill with “What I Got”, a little taste-test of what’s to come. This single has a chill vibe, like an afternoon high while tucked away from the summer heat in some cool air conditioning. Dadadoh offers listeners a perspective change; a reassessment of one’s current situation. Mellow out with “What I Got” and make plans to attend the release show this Friday (more info here).

Young K

“Follow Me”

Young K started writing music at the age of thirteen so, at 22, she’s got almost a decade in the game. “Follow Me” combines Young K’s smokey vocal style with a simple beat. No need for flashy production or auto-tune effects here. Produced by Eisenhauer Beats, this track will have have you bobbing you head as soon as the song starts and the Bronx-grade tough of Young K will hold you to the end.

Tok Sik

Penny Pinchin’

“Penny Pinchin” is a new single from Phoenix DJ/MC/Producer Tok Sik. A DIY-er with pro-style, Tok Sik keeps the beat minimal but you won’t find “Penny Pinchin” lacking substance. The chill beat slows down ever further for the last 45 seconds and gets a little sludgy, but in a good way. If you dig “Penny Pinchin”, I suggest delving further into Tok Sik’s online offerings through his website (here).


“Stick to Your Guns”

Consider this your warning: the hook on this track will get stuck in your head for days. Watsky delivers smooth rhymes and solid production on each and every track. You might remember when we recently featured his video for “Tiny Glowing Screens Part 3”  (see here). “Stick to Your Guns” addresses the serious issue of gun violence without any heavy-handedness. Watsky creates a number you’ll sing in the shower and reflect upon on the drive home from work. Listen to “Stick to Your Guns” here…

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