6 Must-Hear Indie Singles

Golden Suits

“Is it Wrong”

I have a special place in my heart for bookish musicians and Golden Suits out of Brooklyn is exactly that: bookish. “Is It Wrong” is a new single from the artist’s forthcoming release, Kubla Khan, due out in October. The track is both pensive and uplifting. How often do I get to align those two words? Not nearly enough. The new album is rumored to center around a recent breakup and a collection of short stories by John Cheever. If that doesn’t say Brooklyn indie rock, I don’t know what does. Listen to “Is it Wrong” here and start getting excited about the impending release from Golden Suits…

Great American Canyon Band


The new single, “Crash”, from the Baltimore duo known as the Great American Canyon Band is both dreamy and haunting. Live and unplugged, “Crash” maintains a earthen rawness which pairs well with the ethereal beauty of the vocal harmonies provided by this wife-husband musical partnership. The original recorded version of this track appears on Only You Remain, the band’s debut release, but this new recording offers a stripped down version that I’m rather partial to. Listen to both versions and pick your favorite, but start with the new live version below. Only You Remain is available for purchase here.

Psychic Love


Psychic Love outta L.A. is fronted by multi-media artist Laura Peters who describes the band’s sound  as”dream grunge”. That’s such an apt description for Psychic Love’s latest single, “Ultralight”, that I’d be hard-pressed to surpass it. Peters’ versatile vocals oscillate from a Nico-level disinterest to tender and engaging over a garage pop musicality. “Ultralight” is the first single from the band’s debut album, due out in early September. Check it out and join me in the wait for the full release…


“We’ll Make It”

The beautiful single from “progressive folk” band BEARD fuses an array of influences from Jazz to Brazilian (and more) to create a unique and uniquely harmonious sound. The Boston-based act released this single in prelude to their album which comes out on September 1st. Jazzy and mellow, “We’ll Make It” changes shape and structure as you move from beginning to end, giving indie fans something a little different from the norm. Listen to BEARD’s new single here…

Christian Sparacio


Singer/songwriter Christian Sparacio penned this somber song for a friend who recently lost his father. In “Dad” one finds both the anguish of loss and the steeled strength of survival. As someone who has experienced the untimely loss of a parent, I must admit this one got me a little teary. Listen to “Dad” below. I hope to hear more music from this emerging New Jersey artist.

Keith Cooper

“You Didn’t Know Me”

Singer/songwriter Keith Cooper has Arizona roots but has since relocated to Somerville, MA. We won’t hold that against him. In fact, I can almost hear a touch of Tucson in “You Didn’t Know Me” with its weird-folk hue on the vocals. This single is the title track from Cooper’s 2016 release which came out last February. On it, you find an unembellished indie rock with some serious lyrical prowess. If you enjoy “You Didn’t Know Me”, I suggest digging further into the complete eponymous album (available here).