7 New Electropop Singles


“The Air”

The duo known as ATR31 is so uber hip and modern they actually met on Tinder. True story. The pair established a musical connection and took their project’s name from the anime series, and movie, Neon Genesis Evangelion. “The Air” comes to us from their self-titled debut EP. The song slinks out toward the listener and captures their attention despite the lack of ostentation. The effect is a bit like a half-remembered dream. Listen to “The Air” from ATR31 and, if you like what you’re hearing, check out their EP also available through Soundcloud.


“Glass Skin”

The electropop twosome known as CLAVVS comes to us straight out of the ATL with musing musicality and lithe vocals. The first single from the band’s sophomore release, “Glass Skin” has a hypnotic effect on the listener, lulling you through stark dreamspace. CLAVVS combines the efforts of Grammy-winning producer Graham Marsh and writer/vocalist Amber Renee for a stellar symbiosis of sound. Listen to “Glass Skin” below…

Spirit City

“Do What You Want”

The trio outta Provo, UT known as Spirit City creates synth-heavy electropop that will have you dancing around your apartment. The band consists of Nate Young (vocals, guitar), Austin Young (synths, backing vocals) and Cori Place (bass) and they released “Do What You Want” in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, We’re All Insane. The song’s subject deals with that painful parting of ways between lovers or friends, but Spirit City approaches the topic with an exuberance that will have you quickly past the heartbreak.  Listen to “Do What You Want” below and then consider your purchasing your very own copy here.

Madeleine Dopico

“Nice Boy”

Some women just love the bad boys. I’m not one of those, but Madeleine Dopico just might be. In her latest single, “Nice Boy”, she laments the paradoxes of attraction. Powerful vocals meet with stellar production for an anthemic number with a dark twist. Download “Nice Boy” by Madeleine Dopico for your own collection here, but give it a spin below first.

Kid Coyote

“Go the Distance”

The New England duo known as Kid Coyote creates a peaceful dreamscape in their new track “Go the Distance” with a little help from NYC producer, Lucian. This new single comes to us from Kid Coyote’s impending album, On Borrowed Lawns, which is slated for release this Fall. Clara Berry and Joe O’Neill, the pair behind Kid Coyote, have a unique electro-indie-pop sound that emerges from the combination of lithe vocals and enchanting melodies. Listen to “Go the Distance” below and keep your ears open for duo’s forthcoming album.

Black Coast

“Sleep Alone” 

Prepare your most dramatic dance moves. I’m talking hands moving slowly across the eyes, maybe even a fist in the air. “Sleep Alone” by Black Coast will bring out your inner diva. Featuring the smoldering vocals of Soren Bryce, “Sleep Alone” provides the perfect downtempo break at the club without losing any energy. The single is available for purchase here and for preview below…

Satellite Mode


The NYC-based duo known as Satellite Mode create engaging soundscapes despite a minimal approach. Combining the efforts of Jess Carvo (Vocals) and Alex Marko (Production / Instrumentation), Satellite Mode layers vivifying electropop with emotive vocals for a jam you can belt out in your car and then dissect later in the office. “Surface” starts off dreamy before it reveals its contemplative center surrounded by buoyant pop. Listen to the new single from Satellite Mode below…

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