7 Fresh New Hip Hop Singles

Mega Ran & Mr. J1S


We all have that one that got away. “Turnabout” deals with just that sense of loss. PHX-based MC, Megan Ran, joins forces with Mr. J1S outta New York for this number. “Turnabout” was produced by Sonic Skillz and possess a mellow vibe that leads the listener on an introspective journey through the regrets of lost love. Give the track a spin below…


“Records Like This”

The moment Source4prez’s new single “Records Like This” started, I knew I would love it: the sampled, piano-fueled jazz beat filled with muted trumpet and the line, “Records like this don’t sell but it’s OK ’cause Imma keep doin it.” It’s catchy as hell and sounds like a straight up lost gem from the 90’s by Digable Planets or The Pharcyde. This is apparently Source4Prez’s first project too – his Rhyme and Reason mixtape having just dropped in July. I can’t speak for the whole album, but “Records Like This” is definitely a track I suggest listening to. Check it out below.


“Troublesome ’16”

The D.C. artist known as F.A.M.E. dropped the track “Troublesome ’16” last month. The single pairs pensive lyrics with an upbeat energy while the title pays homage to Tupac’s “Troublesome ’96”. We’re at a difficult moment in human history as F.A.M.E. pulls our attention toward the pressing issues of the day. Listen to “Troublesome ’16” below…

Young Gunna


The claim “Summer Anthem” by Young Gunna for his new track “COLDER” is a bold one. And although Summer may technically be over soon, around here in the Valley of the Sun, we still have about two months worth of 100+ degree days left – plenty of time to “bump this in your whip when you cruising”. And bump it I have. Light synth keys begin this uplifting track before Young Gunna comes in sounding both relaxed yet confident. Only 19 years old, Young Gunna aims “to pave a new lane for artists out of the Raleigh area and North Carolina.” I think he’s doing just that. Give “COLDER” a listen below to see if it’s your new Summer anthem.

Big Greg

“You Can Have it All”

Charlotte’s Big Greg is gearing up to release his new album, #G4, through Manifest Music in October. Before #G4 hits fans, however, you can mellow out with this slick single from Big Greg. “You Can Have it All” has a chill vibe and heartwarming message for the gold-digging ladies out there. Check out “You Can Have it All” below or drop that coin for your digital download here.

Ambiguous Culture


Ambiguous Culture got their start in the West Adams sector of South L.A. and you can hear that West Coast slink in the rhyme style on this track. “Memorex” provides lyrical prowess with a laid-back beat. You can’t listen to this track without bobbing your head. True story. Give the track a listen below or download that shit here.



The Virgina-based artist known as LAW appears to be a man of ambition. This new single comes from LAW’s new film project, also titled “Famous”. This track features Denise Weeks with a sick hook and the instrumentation was provided and produced by GL Beatz of the Winners. And, above all, LAW knows how to ride a beat. Check out his single “Famous” below and, while you’re at it, make sure you also check out the teaser for Famous – the movie – here.

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