7 Boss HipHop Singles

Benjamin Earl Turner


Benjamin Earl Turner comes to us from the Bay Area so don’t get confused about the song title. This isn’t a hometown-blues track; this song is about rising from the ashes. “PHX” has a smooth pace that listeners can sink down into while they explore the contemplative lyrics. I’ve put off writing about this track for a few just so I can insist I need to hear it “just one more time” down at YabYumHQ. Check out “PHX” here…

Hailey Simone ft. Élan Noelle

Clouds” (produced by Chit Maker)

If you think it sounds like a kid is rhyming on the lowkey “Clouds”, well you’d technically be right, Hailey Simone is only 17. Based out of Milwaukee, she’s already making a name for herself with her experimental take on hiphop and working with a variety of producers to make the vision a reality. “Clouds” is my favorite track available from Ms. Simone currently: her rhymes are serious yet playful in their delivery while the incredible jazz-infused beat by Chit Maker completely sets the tone of the song as the alternate vocals provided by Élan Noelle add a nice touch to the soundscape. I highly recommened checking out Hailey Simone below and look forward to what she’ll be releasing “in a few years, sayin’ we made it.”

Landon Sears

“The Move”

This track comes to us all the way from Nashville. “The Move” demonstrates that Landon Sears isn’t afraid to ride any rhythm. His sick lyrical style turns on a dime as he shifts between an impressively speedy spit to the mellow breakdown. “The Move” is as high-energy as you can get without confining your music to the club. Listen to “The Move” by Landon Sears below…

Teejay Johnson


The title of this track might imply that you’re in for a party song all about fast cars, money, and drugs. Teejay Johnson goes in an entirely different direction to speak about love, but without forsaking a beat that will get you moving. It’s Johnson’s lyrical vein that really has me enamored with this artist. The issues addressed in Johnson’s songs are those usually heard in HipHop, but she touches upon those as well.

Deshon Hodges

“Black Lives Matter”

Deshon Hodges pairs a simple beat with a serious message for his new single “Black Lives Matter”. Hodges turns an eye inward to reflect upon current events from the muddle of daily life. The artist released a self-titled EP the same week he dropped this independent single so if you dig “Black Lives Matter” I recommend checking out more of his Soundcloud offerings.

Knowledgeborn07 + AK

“Smoke Em if You Got Em”

Hell yeah, South Bend. Who knew Indiana had HipHop like this? “Smoke Em if You Got Em” has a sick beat that incorporates some classical music elements with fierce rhymes. Don’t let the name of the track fool you. This isn’t just a stoner’s medley. This is serious HipHop. “Smoke Em if You Got Em” is the collaborative effort of Knowledgeborn07 and AK, two artists I’d like to hear more from. Check out the single below…

Julian Outlaw


Southwest-based emcee Julian Outlaw dropped the single, “Searchin'”, which explores the artist’s interior and exterior environments. A stripped-down beat provides a stripped down rhythm for Julian Outlaw’s meditative musings. This single came out a couple years back and since then Julian Outlaw has a few more releases to his credit. If you like what you’re hearing, I suggest delving further into his Soundcloud offerings…