7 Stellar New Singles


“Plastic Cactus” 

Diners is gearing up for a new release next week through Diet Pop Records. But, while you’re biding your time for the new album to drop, fans can enjoy “Plastic Cactus”, the first single from Three. On the new track, you’ll hear the chaste summertime indie pop that has defined Diners since their inception. There is something innocent and earnestly heartfelt that shapes the Diners’ sound. Introspective and honest, “Plastic Cactus” promises good things from the new album. Three dropped on the 16th of this month. Check out the first single from that release below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, make sure to move onto the complete Diners’ album.


2 demos

In anticipation of her forthcoming release, Kristina Moore – who performs under the moniker koleżanka – shared two early tracks from the album. In this new project, Moore fuses nu-folk with experimental and drone elements for something different. “Space Issues” and “Snow Cone Summer / Flyfishing” are solemn yet dreamy tracks and Moore’s voices reverberates with power and grace. Look for upcoming release from koleżanka, Fun with Depression, this coming Fall and, until then, enjoy “Space Issues” and “Snow Cone Summer / Flyfishing” below. (P.S. They’re also available for free download through Bandcamp.)


“Silver & Gold”

The L.A.-based trio known simply as WILD released their debut EP, All We’ll Ever Have, over the summer. “Silver & Gold” comes to us from that release. The band has an earthen air to their particular brand of indie rock which lends itself well to the uplifting energy of this single. Layered vocals lend the listener the sensation of standing in an empty auditorium as the sound rises up around them. I definitely recommend taking “Silver & Gold” for a spin. If you enjoy the single, then continue onward to the full EP, All We’ll Ever Have, also available on Soundcloud.



San Diego-based band Manuok is gearing up for their fourth release, The Glass Half EP, with a new single. Manuok’s experimental pop sound creates a sense of drifting as the listener moves from beginning to end of “Cycles”, like sinking down into calm but deep water. Despite the fact that the band’s been around for more than ten years, “Cycles” is my first introduction to Manuok. I will definitely be delving further. Give “Cycles” a listen here.

Emily Afton

“Five Years”

Smokey vocals and pensive piano work fuel this mellow single from Oakland’s Emily Afton. “Five Years” brings me back to an earlier, angst-ridden time when Fiona Apple ruled my airwaves; a time when melancholy and eyeliner were deemed the darker, the better. The single takes an upward lilt at the chorus that I really love without sacrificing the somber tones. The album comes out later this month so stay up-to-date with Emily Afton through Facebook so you don’t miss out. Until then, spend some time with “Five Years”…

Two Feet

“Quick Musical Doodles & Sex”

The Harlem-based artist known as Two Feet gained quite the following after uploading his first single, “Go Fuck Yourself”, on Soundcloud. Now, Two Feet is ready to assert his rapidly accumulated fan base with “Quick Musical Doodles & Sex” – a mellow bedroom track with a smooth, slick style. The song is featured on the four-track debut EP, First Steps, which was released on Majestic Casual Records. The same label will be putting out the follow-up release from Two Feet which is currently in the works. Until then, listen to “Quick Musical Doodles & Sex”. To purchase the full EP, head here.

Justin Moody

“View from Your Window”

I’m quite taken with the brooding music of Justin Moody. His latest single, “View from Your Window”, offers more of the melancholy lyricism and stripped-down melodies that initially secured my attention on this artist. Peaceful, intelligent, and mildly depressing, but in a comforting way. “View from Your Window” reminds me that the human condition is an eternal struggle shared by all and love, sometimes, can provide a glimmer of light in an otherwise dark heart. Listen to “View from Your Heart” from Justin Moody below…