7 Mellow Singles

 Jillian and the Giants

“Mr. Airplane”

Tuscon’s Jillian Bessett first captured our attention with the release of her solo endeavor, Electric Moon, back in 2014. Now, she’s back (with a band) and ready to release her latest single and a brand new album. “Mr. Airplane”, the title track, starts off gently – sweet and a little playful – but there are some pensive hues strung throughout the song, including some slight drone effects for texturing. All in all, “Mr. Airplane” is a lovely song that stays with you long after you listen. Give the track a spin and then continue on to listen to Mr. Airplane, the LP, in full (available here).


“Never Heard Nothin'”

Originally from Woodstock, NY, Austin-based Casey Chandler is the musical force behind Galapaghost. He dropped this ruminating single in support of his third album, I Never Arrived. “Never Heard Nothin'” is a simple yet haunting track. Chandler’s voice suggests a gentle desperation that is further tempered by the stripped-down and somber melodies. The effect is beautiful. Check out “Never Heard Nothin'” below and throw Galapaghost some support by procuring your very own copy of I Never Arrived (available here).


“Feel Like A Man”

As a woman in music, I know the industry can still feel a bit too much like a boys’ club. But, with more and more innovative female-identified artists carving out a niche in the biz, I feel there is hope. This new single from Snowblink addresses those feelings of alienation and frustration that can arise from being an outsider in an insider’s industry. “Feel Like A Man” provides a ruminant number that uses haunting vocals to lead the listener through a stark aural landscape.  The band combines the musical efforts of Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman – one out of Toronto and one from Los Angeles – for something breathtaking without any excess. Listen to “Feel Like A Man” here…

Headphone Hair


Oakland artist Ian Walters teaches middle school by day and creates dreamy indie pop tracks under the name Headphone Hair by night. “Signs” vacillates between a simple songwriter-and-guitar combination to an orchestral level of sound layers that will lift your spirit and carry it along on fluffy, sunset-colored clouds. I’m quite enamored with this track which appears on If this means you…; Headphone Hair’s full-length release which came out in August. Give “Signs” a spin here and, if you like what you’re hearing, move onto the album in full (available here).


“Inside Out”

The Brooklyn-based 3-piece known as Circles/Waves released the single “Inside Out” over the summer. The band was formed by
singer/trumpet player, Claire Lorenzo, and multi-instrumentalist, Marissa Mazzotta. Jazz drummer Cashel Barnett completes the trifecta and, together, the trio creates a subtly rich texture on their latest track, “Inside Out”. The melody approaches the listener as if from a dream or the warm flush of sunlight on your face during a wind-chilled day. Circles/Waves takes an experimental approach when crafting their unique indie rock sound. If you dig “Inside Out”, I suggest delving into the band’s 2016 EP (available here).

Creature People

“West Cozy”

Fans of Joanna Newsom should definitely check out the brother-sister duo known as Creature People. Combining classical guitar and quirky, sugar-sweet vocals for a folk-infused brand of indie. “West Cozy” is the title track from the band’s 2015 release and leaves on with the impression that is was created by fairyfolk from some unseen realm of magic rather than actual human beings from Pittsburgh. Listen to “West Cozy” below and then dive on into other offerings from Creature People through their Bandcamp page.

Raquelle Langlinais


We have another song offering from Texas, this one from the town of Tyler, with Raquelle Langlinais’ indie pop gem, “Blind”. This track comes to us from the artist’s two track single which came out last year. Langlinais has an airy, lithe vocal style that rides the carbonated current of coffee shop pop.  Check out “Blind” and stick around for the digital “B-Side” of her single; a demo track titled, “Machines”.

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