7 Singles to Get You Dancing

dancing 00Spencer Ludwig


Los Angeles singer/songwriter/trumpeter Spencer Ludwig lays out a sweet jam in his single, “Diggy”. Channeling a touch of Off The Wall era Michael Jackson with sick contemporary stylings, Ludwig crafts a funky ditty that will have you shuffling and shimmying from the get-go. Check out “Diggy” by Spencer Ludwig or head here to download the track for your personal stash.


“Black Coffee”

Boston-based musician Iyeoka combines honeyed vocals with a dance beat that will get your morning moving faster than any caffeine source. “Black Coffee” tempers the mellow vocal layers against a high-energy soundscape for just the right mix of chill and charged. Listen to “Black Coffee” below or head here for your own digi-download.

Holiday Mountain

“Cómo te Llamas”

Holiday Mountain is the undertaking of songwriter/keyboardist Laura Patiño and drummer/producer Zander Kagle who met while attending Berklee College of Music. Together, they crafted the explosive (and infectious) single “Cómo te Llamas”. The track, which features the Mexican Institute of Sound, will dance its way into your earholes and burrow into your brain. This one is definitely going on my gym mix. Listen to “Cómo te Llamas” by Holiday Mountain below. And, you can get your own digital copy here.


“Do Something Crazy”

Richard Andrews is not someone you want to take advice from, at least, not when he’s in his musical alter-ego of Outasight. “Do Something Crazy” is funky, fresh, and encourages all kinds of debauchery. And, probably for the reasons I just mentioned, this single is featured in the new Zac Efron/Anna Kendrick comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Get ready to get rowdy with Outasight. Add the single to your personal collection for all future party mixes (available here).



This chill dancehall number from the artist known simply as MARK will get you moving with its West Coast vibe. But don’t let the uplifting musicality and glitzy production confuse you, MARK is Boston-based. Although MARK is only 21-years-old, his credits already include The Voice (Hong Kong) in 2011 and Berklee College of Music before signing with Warner Brother’s Music.  This single comes to us from MARK’s debut EP under that label. Get into the groove of “#LA” below.


“Come to LA”

This funky number from N2N might encourage a different kind of dancing. The, uh, horizontal kind. I guess, when you’re refrain is “Come to L.A. and fuck me,” we’re long past subtlety. N2N places their request with style and humor set to a chillax beat that will have you adding some shoulder action to your head bob. Listen to “Come to LA” but don’t listen to it at the workplace. Save this one for the off-hours.

Steve Apollo

“Got Yo Back”

Bass. In. Your. Face. That’s exactly what you get with Steve Apollo’s new heavy-bottom hitter, “Got Yo Back”.  It seemed like Apollo was pretty new to the game (under this moniker anyway) when this single first came our way, but since that time he’s released quite a few new tracks. If serious bass inspires your best moves, check out “Got Yo Back” by Steve Apollo below. What can I say? I’m a sucker for low-end.