7 Stellar Indie Singles



The four-piece from Modesto, CA that performs under the moniker Socks combines the talents of Gabbi Krikke (vocals), Joey Oliveira (guitar), Josh Hoogendoorn (bass), and Aaron Inacio (drums). “Forevermore” is the first single from Socks and it shows some serious promise for what’s to come from this newbie band. Energetic indie-surf-rock pairs well with the effervescent vocals of Krikke. “Forevermore” is a little taste of Summer this Fall. Give the single a listen below…

The New Royales


The New Royales are gearing up for their fourth release this Fall. “Travellers” [sic] is an early sampling of what’s to come and I must say, it’s dreamy. This 4-piece creates a seamlessly textured soundscape that fills the listener with a mildly effervescent energy. Listen to “Travelers” below and join us in the wait for the new release from The New Royales.

Common Jack

“Fine Line”

The Brooklyn-based folk-rock act known as Common Jack is the brainchild of singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist John Gardner who returned from a two-and-a-half year stint with the Broadway show, Once, to form Common Jack. “Fine Line” comes to us from the band’s sophomore LP, Strange New State. Astute lyrics meet powerful vocals while the melody ebbs and flows between mellow and forceful. What I like most about Gardner’s voice is its exacting precision that doesn’t suffer the lack of raw energy that sometimes gets lost with training. Listen to “Fine Line” below and consider delving into the full release from Common Jack here.



I’m loving this new track from indie rockers, Nightair. “Supernova” encapsulates that fun, free feeling of summertime in this buoyant single which comes to us from the band’s debut EP. Upbeat indie at its finest, Nightair takes a cue from The Strokes, but puts a distinctly SoCal spin on their hipster cool sound. Check out Nightair’s debut EP here, but first, give “Supernova” a listen below. Clear some space around you first. “Supernova” brings out the sassy dance moves lurking in all of us.

The Band Piano

“Backdoor Bay” 

This 3-piece out of Statesboro, GA has a rowdy vibe and some Southern charm. The Band Piano doesn’t actually have a piano among its included instruments, but don’t let that stop you. The band chose the name in ironic reference to a musical term that suggests one should play softly. The Bad Piano does not. “Backdoor Bay” has some blues-rock infused into their brand of indie rock; complete with stellar guitar riffs and revival tent worthy vocals. This track comes to us from The Band Piano’s debut studio album, Sick Bones, which is available here.

Trails and Ways

“Get Loud”

Trails and Ways out of Oakland is one of my new favorite bands right now. In the vein of power-pop a la Phoenix’s Diners or Seattle’s Iji, Trails and Ways combines nostalgia and modernity in the greatest of ways. Signed to Brazilian label Balaclava Records, principle songwriter and lyricist Keith Brower Brown finished this song on a balcony on the São Paulo coast, “Our Brazil tour capped a year of destruction that made me face up to my vanity and closedness [sic]. This song is the catharsis I felt in dropping my guard, owning my flaws, and finding the deep confidence and desire to rock out.” Cool. Listen to “Get Loud” below and, if you dig the track, consider scoring your own copy of the new album from Trails and Ways here.

Dama Scout

“Forget It’s Good”

Dama Scout out of London, England offer up their incredible first single with “Forget It’s Good”. Although a little on the harder side and labeled “alternative”, with it’s dreamy guitars and lissome, supple vocals “Forget It’s Good” definitely offers up something indie fans can get behind. When the crunchy, distorted guitars drop in for the pre-chorus the song certainly caught me by surprise. They don’t last very long however before the song slinks back into it’s velvet-pop sweater. I highly recommend listening to “Forget It’s Good” below and keeping an eye on Dama Scout for whatever they release next.

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