7 Emerging Singer Songwriters

 Kyle Morton

“Survivalist Fantasy”

Perhaps you’ve encountered the music of Kyle Morton before through the work of the Portland post-pop act, Typhoon? If not, don’t worry. This single from Morton’s debut solo album will secure your future fandom as Morton emerges as a singer-songwriter in his own right. A dark and pensive meandering through a post-apocalyptic dream, “Survivalist Fantasy” is a new personal favorite. Morton has locked down at least 5k Spotify plays from me in the coming months. Listen to the single here and then continue on to Kyle Morton’s full-length release, What Will Destroy You. Oh, if the strange outro creeps you out, just start the track over and the beauty will distract you from your fears.

Alycia Lang

“The Windowsill”

It’s not really appropriate to categorize Alycia Lang as an “emerging” songwriter considering she’s already earned her chops in bands like Waterstrider, Trails and Ways, and BOWS. But this single does mark a departure from her band status as Lang embarks on this solo endeavor so, in that sense, she is emerging as an artist in her own right. And, what a way to come out swinging, metaphorically speaking. “The Windowsill” is a breathtaking number; a moment of reflection encased in glass. This single proves a promising (new) start for Alycia Lang.

Tim de Vil & His Imaginary Friends

“Who’s Afraid of Sarah Little?”

Clever and a little doleful, the lyrical content of this new single from Tim de Vil & His Imaginary Friends burrows into the listener, festering long after those final chords. Of course, if you’re wondering who Tim de Vil is, keep wondering. The band consists of Justin Robbins (vocals/guitar), TJ Reed (Bass), and Bradley Stell (Drums) so the songwriting duties do not fall to this mysterious Tim de Vil.  From start to finish, a detached voice offers the listeners glimpses of inner turmoil that resides beneath the surface, vacillating between a singsong speech and a quietly mounting desperation. Listen to “Who’s Afraid of Sarah Little?” below…



The L.A.-based act known as Alyeska was formed by nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist Alaska Reid. Reid joined forces with Ben Spear (drummer) and Enzo Scardapane (guitar/bass) and began shaping their dynamic sound. Ethereal vocals converge with brooding guitars on “EverGlow” and the effect is bewitching. Minimal texturing swells to an electric fullness and then ebbs again. This track came out earlier this year so let’s hope there’s something new from Alyeska on the horizon. In the meantime, listen to “EverGlow” here and, if you dig it, delve further into the band’s Soundcloud offerings.

Jeanette Lynne


Jeannette Lynn has a voice that is both earnest and lithe. That combo serves as a great vehicle for her heartfelt lyrics. The single, “11:11”, comes to us from Lynne’s sophomore effort, Rabbit’s Foot, which was released over the summer. An acoustic guitar is the only accompaniment needed because the rich vocal layers provide all the texturing you need. Jeanette Lynne hails from Philadelphia so we’re hoping she has Westward tour plans brewing. Check out “11:11” below and, if you like what you’re hearing, consider procuring your own copy of Rabbit’s Foot here.

Rue Snider


Brooklyn-based singer-songwritere Rue Snider crafts a “love song to women who read books” on his new single, “Stories”. The track comes to us from Snider’s sophomore effort, Broken Window, which was released in October. The stripped down delivery of “Stories” pairs nicely with Rue Snider’s crisp, clear voice and gentle melody. Check out “Stories” below and consider that digital download of Broken Window for your personal collection (available here).

Katie Ferrara

“In Your Arms”

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Katie Ferrara creates a soothing and simple number with “In Your Arms”, the first single from her forthcoming EP. The track takes on a romantic hue that perfectly suits the sweet-tempered vocals of Ferrara. The new EP, Dream Catcher came out on October 22nd so you can score your own copy here. But, first, enjoy the single, “In Your Arms”, by Katie Ferrara below…