7 Fun Fresh Singles

fun fresh singles 00Adejoké

“Dem A Say”

Usually, reggae is not my thing. I usually leave those submissions to the other senior editor on staff, but as soon as I heard “Dem A Say” by Adejoké, I was hooked. Combining elements of soul, indiepop, dancehall, and other disparate genres that fuse together seamlessly into one unified sound, Adejoké crafts a catchy number that will get you dancing and leave you smiling. The track is “written in her Nigerian “pidgin English” which is similar to Jamaican patois and speaks volumes for the impending debut release from Adejoké. Listen to “Dem A Say” below…

Special Thumbs

“Leave Home/Get High”

This single comes to us off the debut EP from Oklahoma City’s indie rock outfit known as Special Thumbs. “Leave Home/Get High” features lush vocals and feel-good energy that makes this the perfect single to blast on your way home from work. Special Thumbs concocts their own brand of indie by combining elements of blues, psych, and maybe a splash of alt-rock. Check out “Leave Home/Get High” here, and if you dig what you’re hearing, move on to the complete EP, Pollen, which is also available through Bandcamp or through iTunes here.

Whiskey Kiss

“I Wanna Know”

Phoenix’s Whiskey Kiss is known for taking a throwback style and makes it all their own. Once you hit play on their slinky new single, “I Wanna Know”, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The smokey vocals vacillate from coy to ploying as the jazz-tinged ensemble creates a 1940s barroom atmosphere that will bring the faint aroma of polished leather booths and gin to mind. “I Wanna Know” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming release, Retro. Revamped. An apropos name, if ever there was one. Listen to “I Wanna Know” below and keep your ears open for the full release next month.

Mateo Katsu

“One Day I’ll Be Your Ears”

It seems very appropriate that this single was recorded at a place called The Church of F.U.N. in Los Angeles. Mateo Katsu crafts a unique brand of quirky folk on “One Day I’ll Be Your Ears”, the opening track from his recent LP, Fourteen Weeks. Katsu achieves a sound that is simultaneously earthy and effervescent. Give “One Day I’ll Be Your Ears” a spin below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, check out the complete LP (available here).

Allen French

“Nova Vida”

L.A.-based artist Allen French takes a multi-cultural approach in crafting a unique sound. “Nova Vida” comes to us from the EP, Novo Mundo, and, for those of us who need to brush up on our Spanish language skills, both names promises the listener some new. French opts for a multi-cultural approach to music-making and adds a Latin spin to his own brand of pop. “Nova Vida” features the vocal stylings of Jessie Clemens and can be heard below. I also recommend checking out Novo Mundo which is available in digi-download form here.

Smokey Brights

“In Demand”

Smokey Brights out of Seattle just released their latest album, Hot Candy, and this ditty comes to us from that LP. “In Demand” combines pop-rock with some funky prog rock for a catchy sound. Pay particular attention to the stellar guitar work on this track that provides grounding for the vaporous vocals. The band is currently out on tour (maybe you caught one of their AZ stops) to promote Hot Candy so check their schedule to see if they might be landing in your city soon. If not, you can listen to “In Demand” below before throwing some support to the band by purchasing their new album (available here).

Color You

“Shine Through”

The L.A.-based act known as Color You shapes out a psych-tinged indie rock sound that surrounds the listener like a warm, ocean-scented breeze. “Shine Through” comes to us from the band’s 8-track release, The Grand Trine, and captivated our interest with its summertime vibe. Give the single a listen below and shake of some of that autumn chill. If you like what you’re hearing, check out The Grand Trine from Color You here.