7 Rad Rock Singles

Elephant Gunn


The new single from Phoenix’s Elephant Gunn might start off with a solid alt-rock slant, but wait for it, the energy goes up. Way up. “Birds” lays it all out. This is a bar band and they have the grit to prove it. The new single comes to us from A Simple Transmission; the band’s forthcoming release. And, considering it’s been two years since their debut release, we’re ready to rock some new Elephant Gunn. Start with “Birds” here

The Green Lady Killers 

“Fire in my Eyes”

The Green Lady Killers might be L.A.-based but they have desert roots. The hard-rocking trio released their new LP, Nightshade, in October. “Fire in my Eyes” is the first single from that album and fans will find that same fierce energy  and shadowy allure that first drew you in. Check out “Fire in my Eyes” and then delve into the rest of the album. The Green Lady Killers craft a fiery rocknroll sound capable of igniting crowds of any size. Check out the single below and you can procure your own digital copy of Nightshade here or a limited edition 4-panel digipak (only 100 pressed) here.

Omega Sirius Moon

“Take My Hand”

Omega Sirius Moon creates a shadowy soundscape on their single, “Take My Hand”. The texturing on this track is richly layered and mildly abrasive (in a good way) while the vocals move from insolent to inviting. So so good. This single comes to us from the band’s EP, Rebels & Romantics; a release I plan on delving into often. You can check out the music video for “Take My Hand” here. And don’t forget to secure your own copy of the full release from Omega Sirius Moon, available on cassette or for digital download here.


“Check Your System”

The alt-rock act known as Captiva hails from Kansas City, Missouri, but they almost have a coastal vibe you can hear on “Check Your System”, the first single from the band’s debut LP. I think that Long Beach breeze I’m feeling when I listen to “Check Your System” comes from the funk-rock infusion. Give the single a listen below. Captiva’s full-length, Pay No Mind, drops this coming Winter so keep your ears open for that release. We will too.


“Ticket Master”

Seattle’s Dogstrum fucking throws down. Their new single, “Ticket Master”, has all the ruckus energy of a nightclub on fire. Crunchy guitars pair with powerful vocals for some seriously stellar rocknroll. This trio has it all for you headbangers out there who miss the hairbands, but not the corniness. If you dig “Ticket Master”, I suggest moving onto Dogstrum’s full EP which came out in July. You can procure their EP, Murtsgod, here.

Skin & Bones

“Act Tough”

The musical duo known as Skin & Bones combines the talents of Taylor Borsuk (guitar/vocals/suitcase drums) and Peter Blackwelder (violin). The pair’s latest single, “Act Tough”, is a barroom classic in the making. Bluesy guitars and smokey vocals meet on this brawler anthem with a decidedly Southern rock swing. The band is rooted in Venice Beach but Skin & Bones has a sound more Tennessee than Cali. Give “Act Tough” a listen below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, you can score the full EP here.

Jobe Himself


The three-piece rock act out of Seattle known as Jobe Himself combines a gritty sound with enough energy to ignite a room full of sleepy bar patrons. “Clover” is intentionally unrefined as Jobe Himself offers listeners a desolate view of life, “a no-leaf clover”, but the band does so with enough raw force to scare off the doom lurking just beyond sight. The charge continues to build toward the end before the guitars collapse in a cacophony of noise. If you like your rock real and real hard, take “Clover” by Jobe Himself for a spin below…