7 Stellar Indie Singles

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Farewell Teddy

“Huxley, Party of One”

Sifting through the sea of mediocre submissions can suddenly seem very worthwhile once you stumble across that really special track. “Huxley, Party of One” from Atlanta’s Farewell Teddy was just that track today. It sneaks up on you and, before you know it, you’re caught in the swell. This indie-rock duo consists of James Daniel Brown and Nathaniel David and this stellar single comes to us from Farewell Teddy’s full-length debut, Brave New World’s Fair. You can bet your sweet dollar I plan on spending some time with that release. So good. So so good.

Clear Plastic Masks

“Take a Little Drag”

Nashville 4-piece Clear Plastic Masks has released their second album, Nazi Holograms (really), and their first single is this somber little number. “Take a Little Drag” embodies an emotional space of calm resignation, like that first cigarette of the morning as you brace yourself for the day. Despite the name, Nazi Holograms is an album worth checking out, as this single surely indicates. Just expect things to be a bit more rowdy overall. Listen to “Take a Little Drag” below…


“Soon Soon”

Brooklyn resident Ju Kovacevich, who creates music under the moniker Praything, is re-releasing his single “Soon Soon” through Loose Narrative. The song draws our attention to the quiet moments of beauty that construct our day to day existence. With its tranquil musicality and pensive lyricism, “Soon Soon” is bound to become one of those moments of beauty that the song speaks about. This dream pop number fills the listener with a sense of meditative splendor even on those darker days. Listen to “Soon Soon” by Praything here…

Rachel Faith

“11:09 p.m. (Bad People Wasting My Good Time)”

Chicago-based musician Rachel Faith sets out a simple beat and melodically rides the wave on “11:09 p.m. (Bad People Wasting My Good Time)”, her entrancing new single. Although the track is tagged “electronic pop”, Faith has a HipHop slant to her instrumentation (or lack thereof) and an R&B vibe to her voice. Rachel wrote and produced this single all by her lonesome and I think this song speaks volume of just how much can be done with so little. It doesn’t take heavy-handed production or glitzy layers of sound to make a decent pop song. All you need is a solid rhythm, some lyrical prowess, and a voice that can entrance the listener. Rachel Faith has all three on lockdown. Listen to “11:09 p.m. (Bad People Wasting My Good Time)” below…

Night Drifting

“Disappearing Love”

Based out of Claremont, CA, Night Drifting is the brainchild of Amit Pandey. His single, “Disappearing Love”, is brooding and tinged with nostalgia – the kind that finds you at a roadside diner in the middle of the night. Powerful vocals merged with a hazy soup of sound for a stellar song made for late-night drives. Pandey undertook Night Drifting “as a means to continue music non-stop” so expect more tracks to come. In the meantime, enjoy “Disappearing Love” below…



A paraphone, for those who are wondering, is a paranormal communication, usually directed at the “other side”. A bit apropos considering the haunting musicality of Bartholin, the musical collaboration between Drew Danburry and Cat Leavy. “Paraphones” drifts around the listener before taking hold and dragging them down into the depths of the subconscious. This single comes to us from the duo’s new EP which came out in September through Tree Machine Records. Listen to “Paraphones” here and, if you like what you’re hearing, make sure you check out the new EP from Bartholin as well.

The Captain’s Son

“Walking Around Purposefully”

If The Captain’s Son is any indication of what Springfield, MO has to offer by way of music, I might have to add another dot to my road trip map. This indie rock act combines a summery melody to a vocal style that vacillates from disinterested to agitated and back again. “Walking Around Purposefully” comes to us from the band’s s/t debut album which came out earlier this year. Check out the single below, then delve further into The Captain’s Son…