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All photos courtesy of Danielle Wood.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Danielle Wood, and I am a visual artist. I work predominately in ceramics and enjoy creating installations and individual sculptural forms inspired by nature.

How did you get your start?

The first show I participated in downtown Phoenix was at Made Art Boutique, which was an installation I created as a featured Mantel Artist.

The next show I did was in ARTELPHX at the Clarendon Hotel in Spring 2015. I created a two-room installation with porcelain clay installations attached to the wall with painted insulation foam and industrial strength Velcro. Both rooms were lit by black light with a trail of porcelain shards leading to the second room. I had a wonderful experience as an artist in that event and it was well populated with about 600 people each night throughout the hotel even though it was a rainy weekend.

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“Baroque Sensibilities”

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics at ASU in 2006 and my Master of Fine Arts at New Mexico State University in 2012 in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Ceramics.

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“Microcosm 1”

What inspires you?

Nature and psychology, specifically social psychology inspires me.

I am also very interested in the symmetry, patterns, repetition, and beauty found in nature. The ocean environment intrigues me because it is a space that has not yet been completely discovered or explored. I am drawn to that environment for its beauty, mystery, intrigue, creative abstract forms, and endless possibility. Due to the space not being fully explored, anything is possible and many of the sculptures I create are inspired by ocean flora abstracted.

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“Microcosm 2”

What do you like about AZ?

I like that Arizona is a growing art scene and is also growing in regards to its support of the arts with a variety of facets.

It has great opportunities in regards to public art, grant funding, and organizations/events to participate in the arts in Phoenix including Roosevelt Row, Third Fridays, Arizona Commission on the Arts, Curator Engine, and Artlink. As an artist, I feel the scene is supportive, welcoming, and will continue to grow.

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Where can we see you(r) work?

My work can be seen in the lobby of the Illuminate Apartment Complex on 3rd street and Roosevelt, it received a Baron Purchase award.

I also have work at Tiny Works/Tiny Dances at {9} Gallery in December.

I have work at the ASU Art Museum store as well as in the upcoming fundraiser called Amid the Grid at the Eye Lounge in December.

I’m also on the ASU Ceramic Research Studio Tour in February and my work will be exhibited at Deborah Hodder’s studio in February 2017 with Deborah Hodder and Susan Risi. I am a member of Eye Lounge artist collective and will have a solo show at the Eye Lounge in July 2017.

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What would you like to accomplish before you die?

My artistic bucket list would be to complete several residencies, be a ceramics professor at a university or college, continue to exhibit locally as well as nationally.

I would like to travel more and Thailand would be at the top of my destination list. It seems like such a beautiful country and it is known for its beaches. The marine life would be very inspiring for my work.

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What is your mantra?

A mantra that inspires me as an artist was quoted by Chuck Close: “Inspiration is for amateurs…ideas flow out of the working process, out of what you have already done.”

I agree with him in the way that sometimes you don’t feel inspired, but art is like a relationship, as long as the artist is in attendance, the inspiration comes from the working process, which is a wave of energy always in flux.


For more info, check out her website. You can also view her Facebook page.

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