7 Mellow Singles

Samuel Proffitt

“Sladky Pt. 2”

This single comes to us from The Grey Notebook which was released earlier this year by producer Samuel Proffitt. Part One, for those that are interested, was released a couple of years back on Proffitt’s Blue Notebook and both tracks feature the gentle vocals of singer/songwriter Khai. “Sladky Pt. 2” possesses a genial quality that quickly enamors listeners with its easygoing energy. The simple yet bubbly musicality will lift your spirits as the voice of Khai stokes that inner sense of zen that 2016 has tried so diligently to destroy. Listen to “Sladky Pt. 2” below and consider tossing some support Proffitt’s way with that album purchase (available here).


“Lil’ Smokey Fangers”

The four-piece known as B.O.T.S. out of Mesa, AZ released their two track single which includes this ditty earlier in November. “Lil’ Smokey Fangers” feels like a warm summer breeze on these first cold days of the season. On this track, shoegaze fuzz meets garage pop for a sweet-tempered sound. You should definitely give it a spin below and make sure you stick around for the bonus track, “Stranger Danger”. It’s been a few years since the band released The Broken Old Toys EP so I feel like fans (like myself) are due a new EP. Maybe even an LP, if it’s not too much to ask. Although B.O.T.S. has offered up some delightful singles in the space between, like “Lil’ Smokey Fangers” which you can hear below.

Van William


This little folk-pop ditty from Van William pairs an uplifting melody with thoughtful lyricism on his single, “Revolution”. Featuring players from First Aid Kit, the vocal layers on this track are earnest and punctuated by exalting harmonies which is enhanced by the inclusion of horns in the arrangement. William’s voice is earthy and honest, the ideal vehicle for the matched lyrics. The subject matter of the song deals more with issues of the heart rather than political movements in spite of the single’s title. Check out “Revolution” by Van William below or get your own copy of the single in digi-download form here.

Vie En Ville

“So Fond of You”

The fairly new, San Francisco-based, downtempo act known as Vie En Ville released this little gem as their debut back in November. And, I must say, I’m quite enamored. “So Fond of You” is a stripped-down single that saunters up slowly and stays with you long after. Vie En Ville combines keys and stirring vocals to shape out a unique, and uniquely compelling, sound. The addition of horns and drums as the track progresses, and the subtle inclusion of the sound of rain, gives “So Fond of You” some thoughtful texturing. Give the debut track from Vie En Ville a listen below. This is definitely a band to keep on your radar.

Deep Cuts

“Take Me Back”

Houston-based duo Deep Cuts describes their sound as “sophisti-pop” and I find that phrase quite apropos. “Take Me Back” incorporates dreamy harmonies with a tasteful application of retro-synths and a surprisingly complex beat. The lyrics are simple but reverberate with a wellspring of deep emotions. Deep Cuts achieves what oh-so-many bands are striving for and fail to achieve: a modernization of 80s synth pop. I love this song and plan on listening to it at least a hundred more times before this article even publishes. Give “Take Me Back” a listen below…

Field Medic


San Francisco’s Field Medic only recently released this soothing and somber track, but fans of Kevin Patrick (the artist behind Field Medic) might recognize the melody. That’s because “uuu” is the latest installment in a series of 4 songs that Patrick released over the last five years through his various musical endeavors that share a melody, if not the lyrics. In this tetralogy of love songs, Patrick revisits the song every so often to rewrite the lyrics. “uuu” is a folk gem: lovely, simple, and completely engaging. If you enjoy “uuu”, I would definitely recommend checking out Field Medic’s extensive Bandcamp offerings here.


“The Fisherman”

This meditative indie track comes complete with richly layered harmonies and even the sound of ocean waves. “The Fisherman” comes to us from whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me, the debut album from the band -ness which came out earlier this year. The single tells an uplifting story with just the right amount of melancholy to keep the listener grounded. -ness combines the talents of Ethan Peck and Jesse Weisberg. Together, they create the thoughtful beauty heard on “The Fisherman” and the other tracks you will find on whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me (available here). Listen to the new single from -ness below…

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