7 Mellow Singles Perfect for Winter


by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Day Joy

“Florida’s Warm”

Wow. This is the song. You know, that one song that you hear and shifts your entire day? This is it. “Florida’s Warm” by Day Joy from (where else?) Orlando is gentle and breezy, like that soft ocean air that wafts toward you on a seaside evening. Fusing folk and shoegaze to achieve ethereal heights, Day Joy crafted a gem with this new track. The band’s been playing together for several years now, but “Florida’s Warm” is their debut single. And what a way to start. Listen to “Florida’s Warm” below or head here to score your very own copy.

Luke De-Sciscio


This haunting number from Luke De-Sciscio has stayed with me for days. “Anywhere” bewitches the listener with its simple, stripped-down melody and breathtaking vocals. All you Jeff Buckley fans had better hit play right now. The British De-Sciscio released this single as a follow-up to his debut release, Gossamer Rose, which I plan on spending considerable time with in the week to come. Sink into “Anywhere” below…

Lonely Benson

“Leave You Mama”

Lonely Benson released the seasonal single that is splattered all over my December playlists. Soothing but jazzy, “Leave You Mama” offers all the comforts of a warm cup of hot chocolate on a chilly winter evening. Nashville’s Lonely Benson creates indie dream jazz that will lull you into a trance. At the edges of your mind, you might begin to see that the track is about breaking up, but you won’t care. You feel warm and safe. Even if this is a breakup, “Leave You Mama” gives you the feeling that everything  is going to be okay anyway. Give “Leave You Mama” by Lonely Benson a listen below or procure your own copy here.


“Time and Money”

The somber lyricism of “Time and Money” was what first captured my attention. This single comes to us from Delafaye’s debut EP, The Hilltop, which is set for release early next year through the London-based label, Street Mission Records. Delafaye is the musical undertaking of Kentucky musician, Andrew Shockley, and we first featured this project back in November. While his debut single impressed me, “Time and Money” has me locked in wait for that new EP. Give the new single from Delafaye a spin below…

Alex Kramer

“Chill in My Bones”

This slinky single from Nashville’s Alex Kramer will snake its way in through your ears and sink down to the very core of (dare I say) your bones. “Chill in My Bones” combines smart musicianship that suggest classical training with a smokey blues bar vibe. And not a seedy, back-alley bar, but one of those classy joints with plush velvet seats and artisanal cocktails. “Chill in My Bones” is jazzy, in a smoldering way, and slightly brooding. Give the single a spin below or head here for the complete release.

Bruno Major


The smooth, sultry vocal stylings of Bruno Major might be compromising my committed and long-standing romantic relationship. That’s okay. I’m sure my boyfriend will understand. Major immediately ensnares listeners on “Easily” with that voice and then holds them to the very end with the chill melody. This London artist is one to keep an ear on. Listen to “Easily” by Bruno Major below or get that digi-download here.


“Pain That You Causin'”

The sweet, melodious permutations floating out of my speakers as “Pain That You Causin'” immediately melts the day’s stress away as a chill vibe settles over the listener. Lowerpace is the product of Santa Monica producer/singer duo Ben Miller and Matt Kolb. These college kids kick out some stellar jams guaranteed to get your head bobbing and your blood pressure down. Give “Pain That You Causin'” a listen below…

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