7 Eclectic Electropop Singles

electropop singles featBe Charlotte

“One Drop”

The Scottish trio known as Be Charlotte crafted this dance pop number with just enough gritty energy to reel you in on that first spin. The layered vocals can move from a too-cool-for-school monotone to ethereal flourishes, all brought to you by Charlotte Brimner; the band’s teenage frontwoman (who also provides programming, guitar, and keys). I don’t know what I like more: Brimner’s scrappy vocal style or the vibrantly constructed music that supports it. “One Drop” is a must-hear track for all you music lovers so give it a listen below. You can also head to iTunes to add the single to your personal playlist.


“Tropic Trap”

This chill single comes to us from emerging artist Letronz who was previously counted as part of The Holy Coast. And, I must say, “Tropic Trap” is a promising start for this Phoenix artist. The production is spot on, the vocals dreamy, and the relaxed atmosphere has a club-gone-coastal feel I’m all about. Listen to “Tropic Trap” by Letronz below and then head to Soundcloud to peruse some of artist’s additional musical offerings.

Magdalena Bay


This song was inspired by “80s ballads and roller disco” – how could you possibly go wrong? Lyrically sparse but richly textured, “Neon” is perfect to listen to while you’re reading Brett Easton Ellis or driving through L.A. at night with enough hairspray to keep your look in place if you put the top down. Magdalena Bay (@magbae, of course) provides a super cool single to kick back to with “Neon”. Give the single a spin below…


“Call me Marilyn”

I must say, this track takes on a whole new meaning following our recent POTUS change. What was a smooth and sultry number only a few weeks ago, now feels a little dirty – and not in a good way – something a little darker and, well, a little more rape-y. Okay, okay, let’s pretend it’s any other time in American history. In that case, “Call me Marilyn” by Naïka  is a smokey single that sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack to some grand cinematic effort; anything with cocktails and a lot of velvet. Give “Call Me Marilyn” by Naïka a listen below or head here to purchase the single for your personal collection.

Luke Minx

“Say Anything”

If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t sure about “Say Anything” during those first (often crucial) 30 seconds. That’s how fast it takes for a listener to change to a different station in the car. Holding strong, however, led to immediate and gratifying results. “Say Anything” shifts as suddenly as a sail catching wind. The music is effervescent and carries a measure of hope with it when placed in juxtaposition to the wavering romance of the lyrics. Kansas City’s Luke Minx is already garnering some warranted attention for this single (his first, btw) which also features Mike Dupree. “Say Anything” is radio ready. Hear for yourself below…

Chad Anderson

“Born in the Fast Lane”

Anyone can change, right? Maybe not. According to Tallahassee-based musician Chad Anderson, some of us were just “Born in the Fast Lane”. This electropop single creates a chill atmosphere perfect for night driving to some back alley club or maybe on the way to some Hotline Bling. But, to the muse for whom this single was written, I think a break-up is in order.  Give “Born in the Fast Lane” by Chad Anderson a listen below…

Dante Klein


Amsterdam’s Max Krul creates club-ready bangers under the moniker Dante Klein, but if you ask me, Max Krul is a pretty stellar name. No matter, we’re not here to discuss that. Dante Klein’s 2017 single – featuring the vocals of HAILZ and released through Spinnin’ Records – packs a pop punch with an EDM undercut. “Harder” carries an insouciant air and a dance-able groove. Check out “Harder” by Dante Klein below or pop over to iTunes for your own digi-download.

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