7 Mellow Singles

7 mellow singles 00German Error Message


German Error Message actually comes to us from Nashville, no matter what the name implies. Their haunting single “2017” instantly won me over with its experimental layers of sound, but it was the tempered yet deeply moving vocals of Paul Kintzing that absolutely broke my heart and locked me in as a fan forever.  My only complaint is that “2017” is the only single available from the band thus far. I need more. Give “2017” by German Error Message a listen below…

Mouse Dog Bird

“Proverba Infero”

This single from Phoenix’s Mouse Dog Bird starts much like you’d expect from a song tagged “sadcore”. Stripped down, bedroom folk that initially doesn’t ensnare the listener, but, stay with me on this one. The emotional energy builds in a really subtle and beautiful way as the song sweeps you along from beginning to end, never really breaking from the intentionally placid water but only rippling across the surface. This is definitely an artist I want to hear more from. Listen to “Proverba Infero” from Mouse Dog Bird below…

Dominic Wolf

“Thieves of Today”

This London-based singer-songwriter uses loop pedals and synths to achieve richly textured music that breaks from the forms of your basic singer-songwriter. Dominic Wolf’s latest single, “Thieves of Today”, combines this nod to post-rock with an indie rock approach to songcraft for stunning results. “Thieves of Today” is mellow and meditative and totally now. It’s a track that will sneak up on your slowly and beg for revisit. Give it a spin below…

Future Soul


Nicholas Tillery is the man behind the music of Future Soul. Though Phoenix-raised, Tillery passed some time in Nashville where he discovered his voice as a songwriter before returning to hometurf and establishing himself as Future Soul. The jazzy, piano-fueled “Faith” comes to us from Future Soul’s debut EP, Elastic Love. Smoky vocals mix with an eclectic assemblage of musical styles for a unique and emotive sound. Listen to “Faith” by Future Soul below and then continue on to the complete Elastic Love EP (available here).

Parisian Pass

“Each Time You Call”

This 10-piece band met while attending Uppsala University (in Sweden) and joined harmonious forces as Parisian Pass. “Each Time You Call” has an orchestral indie pop vibe that will lift your spirits with each press of the play button. This single is the closing track to Parisian Pass’s 2016 EP, The Boy and The Birds. I suggest giving “Each Time You Call” a listen and, if you like the light-hearted musicality and stellar musicianship, move on to the full release (available here).

Casey Wayne Smith

“Burn It All Down”

“Burn It All Down” is the opening track from Casey Wayne Smith’s most recent LP, Heart Break Kid. If you’re not already familiar with the work of this Denver-based musician, get ready. He’s the sort of songwriter that can rip out your heart and stomp it repeatedly in front of you before shoving it, battered and bruised, back into your chest. And, what’s more, you’ll want him to do it again. “Burn It All Down” is a soft-spoken yet stirring number that will resonate throughout the hollow places inside you. Make sure you give it a listen below and consider moving on to the full album which is available here.

Grandpa Grew Trees

“Turkish Silver”

The Memphis-act known as Grandpa Grew Trees pushes the mellow line on their single “Turkish Silver”. The song starts off softly with a stripped-down and mellifluous musicality, but the energy builds and transforms until you are caught in a dark wave of sound that will ebb, returning you to calm waters. This single comes to us from the band’s 2016 release, Songs for a Recent Lover, which came out on Dec. 5th. Give “Turkish Silver” a listen below and then head here to add the full EP to your personal collection.