7 Soulful Singles

by Carly Schorman
Senior Editor

Kathryn Caine

“Devil in the Pulpit”

So, strange as it might sound coming from a Jewish woman, my dad took me to a lot of different churches when I was a kid. My favorite memories of our little outings come from listening to some truly tremendous music while sitting in those rickety wooden pews. On that first spin of “Devil in the Pulpit” by Kathryn Caine, I could almost imagine my dad sitting next to me in his mortician’s suit. Of course, the lyrics might have you thinking twice about that whole church-y bit. This is more like gospel music for people who don’t go to church. I’m about it. Check out “Devil in the Pulpit” from Kathryn Caine below…


“Don’t Wanna Be Alone”

The New England band known as Butterchild is comprised of 5 friends who have known each other since childhood and been playing together for more than a decade. Now, that’s kind of fluidity that you can’t just find in a Craigslist ad. “Don’t Wanna Be Alone” combines rich vocal harmonies with an easygoing sound that reminds me of some of the truly great Dad Bands, like The Traveling Wilburys or The Allman Brothers. Dad Bands might be the next big thing, much like the Dad-stache and Mom Jeans. And I, for one, would definitely get behind the trend if it brings more new music from bands like Butterchild. Check out “Don’t Want to Be Alone” below…


“Waiting Game”

The Los Angeles artist known as Saigo is gearing up for the release of his debut EP with this meditative single, “Waiting Game”. The songwriter applies some lofty contemplations to his #FutureSoul sound.  Fusing electropop and R&B, Saigo creates a captivating aural landscape that changes shape as you journey through to the other side. “Waiting Game” is a promising start for the impending EP from Saigo. Give the single a spin below…

Madeleine Dopico

“Dance Alone”

Madeleine Dopico quit her day job in New York to pursue her passion of making-music. And, if I had her voice, I’d do the exact same thing. This soulful piano ballad reveals Dopico’s skills as a songwriter as well as her extraordinary vocal power and range. “Dance Alone” is stripped down just to the piano and her voice, but you don’t need anything more than that. Give the single from Madeleine Dopico a listen below…

Darius J


Man, I’ve been having this conversation with a lot of friends recently. Next time I have to sit down for a heart-to-heart, I’m just going to put this song on. Or maybe if I find my own spirits dampening, I’ll just spin “Motion” until I’m ready to resume the fight forward. Darius J offers encouragement for your downtrodden spirit and he does so with enough ardent to really sell the idea that you’re going to be okay. Move past wallowing to living fully with a little push from Darius J. Give the single a spin below…



Despite this musician’s difficulty in selecting a readily pronounceable moniker, JEJ (John Erick Joshua Millanes) is definitely a young artist you’re going to want to pay attention to. This USC music student has a stellar set of pipes and a soulful approach to songwriting. The dexterity of  JEJ’s voice really puts the high shine on this single. No surprise award-winning vocal group, The SoCal VoCals, snapped up JEJ for their team. Take “LoveSick” for a spin below…


“Easy on the Game”

MELD is the moniker of Nashville songwriter Melanie Dewey. She dropped her EP, H.U.R.T, a little over a month ago and this single comes to us from that release. “Easy on the Game” sets Dewey’s caramelly vocals against an R&B backdrop, heavy on the B. I can easily imagine this single wafting atop the smoke in some nightclub, but MELD has a contemporary take that will suit both modern listeners and old school soul fans alike. Give “Easy on the Game” by MELD a listen below and, if you dig what you’re hearing, venture into the full EP (available here).