Why You Should Listen: Pent Up

pent up 01by Frank Ippolito
Staff Writer

Believe it or not, I’ve seen my share of hardcore punk shows. From JFA to The Crucifucks, and in later years, even the Meat Puppets. So, when I saw Pent Up on the super duper oh so secret music list posted by the mighty mighty YabYum, I immediately snatched it up to see what the kids are listening and playing these days.

And you know what? I’m very pleasantly angered. In a good way.

In Jail takes me back, and then, pushes me forward. Back, in that, the boys of Pent Up – Seth, Micah, Tim, and Alex – have this Circle Jerks quality without aping the sound to sound like them.

And forward because it is stupid easy to roll out of bed, throw three chords together, shout at the top of your lungs (Seth does that very well by the way), and throw together meaningless lyrics, and call it a recording session. This 7-track record goes from opener “Throw Me In” to closer “Free” in a little over 9 minutes – well played gentlemen, well played.

Why you should listen: Because I believe every word and note the band plays. Maybe you will, too.

What you should listen for: Listen for the track, “Feed”. They may fucking hate this, but the lead guitar line is a punk homage to the lead from Nirvana’s “Heart Shape Box” and I loved it. It’s a compliment, guys, trust me.

What they sound like: A jackhammer relentlessly pounding against a steel wall, inside an echo chamber. Magic.

Perfect listening for: When really want to beat the shit out of a politician, not naming names. Or boxing. (I’ll be using it for the latter.)

My favorite part: That hardcore punk is alive and well and hopefully there’s more from Pent up, as well as the other bands on Tempe’s Blacksmith’s Blood Inc. label.

Check out In Jail by Pent Up below.

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