5 Music Blogs You Should Check Out (and Submit to)!!

1. Pigeons and Planes

This music discovery site seeks to bring you the best in new music from the big names to the best of locals everywhere. Pigeons and Planes brings you new music (and music news) every day to playlists and curated album collections.


2. SoulBounce

Just like the tagline says, SoulBounce revels in past, present, and future soul. This “premiere global soul music website” has been recognized by such heavy-hitters like Soul Train and Ebony Magazine (amongst others) for their support of Soul music everywhere.


3. When the Gramophone Rings

If you’re looking to check out some fresh jams, the London-based When the Gramophone Rings offers up a deeper look into new singles and emerging artists worth taking notice of. And, for all you musicians out there, When the Gramophone Rings has a regular feature to spotlight unsigned artists so make sure all you upstarts add this blog to your press list!


4. Turntable Kitchen

More a lifestyle blog than your run-of-the-mill music publication, Turntable Kitchen combines a love of music, food, and city life for all you hipster cats out there. And, if you’re really into it, you can even opt into a monthly curated food and music discovery delivery right to your home with their Pairings Box.


5. Culture Villain

The UK bloggers over at Culture Villain offer up “canned culture for your consumption” from music news to curated playlists. They keep an inside line on European artists for those of you looking at crossing the Big Pond on tour. And, for all you music lovers, I also suggest delving into their interview series: Culture Talks.