5 Rad Alt Rock Singles

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The Sink or Swim


Who couldn’t use a little more dopamine these days? The Sink or Swim write a sort of love letter to that beloved neurotransmitter with a slinky rhythm and a vocal approach that brings me back to those grunge days of youth. The track is dynamic and, for all those musicians who keep emailing us but seem to have no idea what that means, dynamic means the soundscape changes as you move through it. It’s not just about landing a few catchy bars and repeating those ad nauseam. #BringBackMyDopamine with the new single from The Sink or Swim below or get your own copy of the track here.

Bel Heir

“Washed Up”

Bel Heir inked a deal with RCA and then spent a couple years writing and recording an album that has yet to be released. Did they let their Behind-the-Music story get them down? Fuck no. Instead, they channeled their unique beach-punk sound into a secondary release. “Washed Up” is the title track from that effort which dropped in July. The Philly trio fuses crisp, contemporary alt-rock with a little L.A. slouch for a sound that is fun and feisty. Give “Washed Up” from Bel Heir a spin below or head here to snag the complete EP of the same title.



This alt-rock act from Newcastle-upon-Tyne broke onto the scene last May with their demo track, “Not A Problem”. Heavy guitars and garage rock fuzz settle in adjacent to the pop slant of the lyrical delivery for a fresh sound that will put some boogie in your step. Penguin creates a catchy summertime number with “Fiction” that will have you bouncing around with each dynamic shift in the soundscape. Give the track a listen below…

Mind Choir


This four-piece psych-rock band from Pennsylvania is ready to trip you out with their new single, “Glow”. Now, the title of the track might imply something bright and effervescent, but you’ll find something a little darker and a little more brooding once you hit that play button. “Glow” is a musical meandering through dank underground passageways of sound. It is a heroin half-nap on a rug in need of a good vacuum. It is that weird acid trip that forced you to calmly enter the dark and hidden corners of your character that needed a little dusting out. Listen to “Glow” from Mind Choir below…


“China House”

Eldoradio hails from Sweden but their mashup of NYC club punk and garage rock sounds like it could easily hit with American audiences. I mean, hell, they even talk about Coca-Cola in their new high-energy single, “China House”. This track marks the first single from the band’s forthcoming EP which is due out on Welfare Sounds & Records later this year. Catchy lyrics and rambunctious alt-rock make “China House” a must-hear song for summer. Check out the single from Eldoradio below…