5 Radio-Ready Pop Singles

Stela Cole

“You F O”

This sassy summer pop single has a hook so catchy, it might eventually be the jumping off point for a new Urban Dictionary definition for U.F.O. But, it’s Stela Cole’s sultry vocals that really sends the track outta the stratosphere. “You F O” is the second single from the Atlanta songbird this summer and I think she’s perfectly matched to the season. Bright and buoyant musicality but the attitude (and vocals) are bold and brazen. Check out “You F O” from Stela Cole below or head here for that digi-download for your personal playlists.


“Miss Me”

The Portland alt-pop songwriter Shae Williams might be better known by her onstage moniker, SHAE ALTERED. Working with producer Justin Abel, SHAE ALTERED crafts a moody but spirited soundscape on her new single, “Miss Me”.  There are some interesting experimental permutations in the soundscape while the confessional lyrics are delivered in a bold, unabashed voice that I find rather refreshing. If you dig “Miss Me”, I also suggest delving into SHAE ALTERED’s debut EP, Sleep Talk, which came out in December. But, first, start with the fresh new single from SHAE ALTERED below…

Alice Gray

“Pink Cadillac”

Yep, this is the track you’re going to turn up the volume on in your car when you’re all by yourself so you can belt out the lyrics. Now, if you’re first thought was, “That doesn’t sound like me at all,” maybe you should just move on. Alice Gray might not be for you. But, if you were, like, “Yasssss! New car ballad!” then you’ve come to the right place. In “Pink Cadillac”, Alice Gray puts the emotional energy on slow simmer before helping you channel the hurt. Dive into the electropop angst of Alice Gray below or head here to score you’re own copy of the single.


“Strange Places” 

This alt-rock band is making waves in SoCal with their atmospherically uplifting soundscapes. Skyterra fuses ethereal vocals with expansive instrumentals in the style of alternative artists like Radiohead and Portishead… you know, the head-y bands. There’s a little bit more of a dreampop litheness to on “Strange Places” and, fair warning, it just might echo in your head long after that first listen. Make sure you stick around for the full track because a second voice kicks in after the 2-minute-mark that gives the single a unique balance; a grounding or tether, if you will, to the more angelic tones of other vocalist. Check out “Strange Places” from Skyterra below…


“I Love It I Love It I Love It”

The Canadian alt-rock act x+o has some contagious pop energy on their single, “I Love It I Love It I Love It”. I mean, they’re soo enthusiastic they have to say it three times (well, 25 times to be exact). But sometimes it takes that kind of enthusiastic momentum to force yourself over the humps and hurdles of the day-to-day. x+o is here to give you that shove toward a better day with the fuzzy and super fun “I Love It I Love It I Love It”. Add this one to your morning mix for more energy than any stupid latte. And a little artist support for the download is a heck of a lot cheaper.