5 Eclectic ElectroPop Singles You Should Hear

by Carly Schorman

Bogan Via

“When You Fall in Love”

We’ve been obsessing over the synth-pop of Bogan Via back since waaay back and “When You Fall in Love” helped reaffirm that love. The new single from the L.A. (by way of Phoenix) duo is a breath of fresh electric air. In fact, all those bands seeking to shape out a retro-vibe with the 80s synths would be wise to take note from Bogan Via: make it yours and make it modern. The official release of “When You Fall in Love” includes two remixes in addition to the original; one from Back Ted N-Ted and the other from Spiritual Warfare. How cool is that? Super cool – in case you don’t know.

Sofi Tukker

“Fuck They”

Experimental electropop duo Sofi Tukker joined forces with Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears and Evermore’s Jon Hume to give shape to this sassy new single. “Fuck They” is catchy to the nth degree and has a positive message about learning to evaluate your own self-worth hidden beneath the Millennial ensnaring hooks. Sofi Tukker  is a hit-maker in the making so you might want to hit the follow/like to keep up. Take “Fuck They” for a spin below and then head here to check out the music video Sofi Tukker dropped last week for hew new single, “Best Friend”.

Black Fly


Black Fly is somewhat of a mystery for us. He records beautiful, dark, meditative music from a bedroom in Vermont. And that’s all we know. No named mastermind behind the project, no website, no interviews granted. That being said, we dig his slow-burning “gothic synth” sound and the way he pairs musing lyrics with gently-moving orchestrations to create a pensive, if not somewhat anxious, atmosphere. Nevertheless, there is a surprising calm that overtakes “Dipped” once the vocals kick in that I find truly captivating. Listen for yourself below…


“Believe You”

FYOHNA combines the vocal talents of Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser. The art pop duo offers a unique ebb and flow as you move through their single, “Believe You”. As the song kicks off, Gleicher takes the forefront with her powerful vocal prowess while the production remains smart yet subtle, but as we approach the hook, the vocals sink into a sea of sound wherein Glasser gets to flex his unique skillset. Check out “Believe You” from FYOHNA below…

Neo Noir


Okay, so usually we don’t feature cover songs, but this rendition of Hole’s “Violet” really hit me in the 90s grunge soft spot. A brooding electropop kicks things off on Neo Noir’s version, complete with breath-heavy vocals, but things take a Trap turn without ever sacrificing the chill vibe that keeps us clear of Club territory. Brooke Williams joins Neo Noir’s Greg Ogan & Bradley Allan as the featured vocalist on “Violet”. Check out the single below &/or you can head here to check out the complete collection of Neo Noir’s 2017 releases all conveniently compiled into one playlist.

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