5 Eclectic Indie Singles

by Carly Schorman

Breakup Shoes

“Brian Wilson is My Dad”

Consider the bright, beachy sound of Breakup Shoes a warm, indie-pop welcome from ever-Sunny Arizona. “Brian Wilson is My Dad” will brush up against you like a gentle summer breeze. The track was recorded by Jalipaz over at Audioconfusion so it retains that organic, fresh-from-the-garage feel. The only problem I have with the song is that it evokes a bit too much wanderlust. A couple of replays and I’m ready to cash out and live in a van by the ocean.

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Nicky William


Singer-Songwriter Nicky William was born in Oxelösund, Sweden but he sounds straight out of the American Heartland, but I guess Small Town Syndrome is not isolated to the United States. William’s deep voice calls to mind Bill Callahan while his catchy indie rock instantly hooks listeners. “Hurricane” is just a taste of Nicky William’s debut album, Set your loved ones free, we have you surrounded, which came out last week. At only 21 years of age, Nicky William has a promising musical future ahead of him.


There is Danger

“All My Friends”

There is an unhurried quality to the songs of There is Danger and the new single “All My Friends” was an unexpected November surprise. The band allows enough time to explore the lush soundscape without ever drifting off into the dreaded territory of “jam band”. No, no, no, this is something much different: an aural journey through meticulously manicured gardens rather than stomping along an untended and overgrown path (basically, jam bands).

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Mt. Joy

“Silver Lining”

Experience of personal loss brought about this moving new single from Mt. Joy’s Matt Quinn. After losing friends within his community to drugs, he penned “Silver Lining” in hopes of creating some solace in the wake of tragedy. Maybe that’s way “Silver Lining” has such a vivifying, live-in-the-now energy. It’s a call to life. The Philadelphia band now calls Los Angeles home so maybe they’ll be making some Phoenix stops (hint). Mt. Joy already has plans to pass through with Neko Case in March so make sure you like/follow to stay up-to-date on that show.




There’s an airy quality to the melodic indie-pop of France’s Orouni that will have you feeling lighter on your feet as you listen. For the band’s latest recording effort, they enlisted the help of Emma Broughton and her luminous voice blends seamlessly with the surrounding musicality. This track comes to us from Orouni’s new EP, Somewhere in Dreamland, which is now available through Les Disques Pavillon. I definitely recommend adding this track to your morning music mix. Every day will be a little bit brighter.

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