7 Mellow Music Videos

“Every Time I Breathe”

London-raised artist, Arlissa, creates chill, stripped-down numbers that will leave you entranced. That might have something to do with her voice.


Kid Trails
“My Own Place”

Kids Trails is a new musical project from Patrick Jeffords, touring bassist for Toro Y Moi. His new single, “My Own Place”, has a spritely melody and easygoing energy that I really dig.

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“Fall Into You” 

Caleb Eberhardt is the mastermind behind Rosehardt’s HipHop/Soul/Jazz infusion. The producer, and self-revealing lyricist, went through a year of personal loses and emerged with a bounty of hard-earned experiences to pour into his music. “Fall Into You” captures an intimate moment of that journey.


Richard Jahn
“Paint It”

Richard Jahn’s debut single, “Paint It”, sets a sparse instrumental field that will entrance listeners. The music video which accompanies the single has an equally hypnotizing effect.


De’Wayne Jackson
“Coming Back Home”

The instrumentation on this single might have an easygoing vibe, but De’Wayne Jackson tackles some serious issues on “Coming Back Home”. This single comes to us from Jackson’s new ep, Don’t Be Afraid, which you should definitely check out for yourself on Spotify.


“White Crow”

The Japanese band known as ODEO just dropped their debut single, “White Crow”, last month. To mark the occasion, the band also released this music video which was filmed in Tokyo. The aesthetic matches the sweet-tempered vocals on the single.


“Fast Car”

This band from Rochester [NY] just dropped their debut release, Stubbborn Comfort, which features the single, “Fast Car”. Anamon offers “vignettes of heartbreaks and dreamscapes” from songwriter, and frontwoman, Ana Emily Monaco.

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