Radio Phoenix Podcast: The Lonesome Wilderness

lonesome wilderness 500Joe and Andrea Golfen came down to our studio on behalf of The Lonesome Wilderness to talk shop and spin tunes. We gabbed all about the release of THE BOX SET and found out about what’s in store for the band. Check it out.

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The Playlist

The Lonesome Wilderness “Hundred Years”

Lawnchair “Legz”

The Bittersweet Way “Already Over”


Celebration Guns “The Me That Used to Be”

Snake! Snake! Snakes! “Washed Out”

The Redemptions “Stay”

The Lonesome Wilderness “Nico”

The Breakup Society “She Doesn’t Cross Against the Light”

Phantom Party “Catholic School”

decker. “Matchstick Man”

Citrus Clouds “You Loved Me First”

Huckleberry “Bad News”

Study Ladies “Cat Olympics”

Aired live on December 13, 2017

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