Radio Phoenix Podcast: The Sink or Swim

sink or swim 640The Sink or Swim joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios and talked to us about the new album, the upcoming release show January 20 at the Crescent Ballroom, and also brought a bunch of neat bands to play on the air. Some a little more surprising than others… take a listen.

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The Sink or Swim “Life After Midnight”

Wyves “Bad Reputation”

Vista Kicks “Marceline”

Phantom Party “Holy Roller”

Sunset Voodoo “Another Round”

ABBA “Dancing Queen”

Bee Gees “More than a Woman”

Jane n’ the Jungle “Wild Side”

Shrub “Fast Lane”

Hall & Oates “Rich Girl”

Chance Danison “Life Can Be a Test”

The Sink or Swim “Revolving Doors”

Mookie and Evan “Pocket Change”

Recorded live on December 9, 2017

sink or swim poster