5 New + Eclectic Indie Singles

by Carly Schorman


“Kiss Me Now”

Fair warning: UPSAHL’s last single was stuck in my head for 17 days. Seventeen! That’s how catchy her brand of indie pop is; it will infect your brain. “Kiss Me Now” is a bit less candy-coated but no less compelling. Addressing that awkward quandary of how to approach that first date kiss, UPSAHL takes a sassy and assertive role on this single while Max Frost’s production keeps things playful by adding more bounce than bite. “Kiss Me Now” by UPSAHL is playlist ready just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Mt. Joy

“Jenny Jenkins”

Ugh. You just can’t be cynical when listening to the sounds of Mt. Joy. “Jenny Jenkins”, not to be confused with the Jerry Garcia and David Grisman song of the same title, does have some of its predecessor’s old-fashioned sensibility, but Mt. Joy’s single has a far more emotional edge. This track comes to us from the band’s forthcoming debut so make sure you like/follow Mt. Joy to stay up-to-date on that release.



“White Lies”

Brady Allard is the man behind Winnipeg’s indie-pop act, Warming. Bright synth hues set the soundscape of “White Lies” while the lyrics tackle relational issues like infidelity, poor lifestyle choices, and the little lies that accompany these decisions. “White Lies” is the first single from the 12-track LP Allard created after casting off the encumberments of suburban life (the house, the job, and even the partner) to embark on a songwriting journey.



“All Messed Up”

GYASI is the undertaking of a West Virginia artist who grew up thinking he was a peacock. What other profession could possibly be waiting for such a lad in this world, but the frontman of a glam-infused indie-rock band? “All Messed Up” is a feisty single that kicks off the band’s debut EP, Peacock Fantasies.  I’m digging this lively modge podge of glam, psych, and retro rock from GYASI.

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“Waiting for You”

The Phoenix songwriter known as Gillwire just dropped another installment of his musical narrative on Feb. 1st. “Waiting for You” comes to us from Grand Biography, Vol. 2; Gillwire’s new 9-track album. This single delves the complications of an awkward courtship with a “squirrely boy” with ample humor and good spirits. If you enjoy coffee shop pop in the vein of artists like Ben Folds, you should consider Grand Biography, Vol. 2 for your next “read”.