Radio Phoenix Podcast: Editor’s Choice

choiceOn this Editor’s Choice edition of The YabYum Hour archive, Mark tries his best to only pick songs Carly will like. How does he do? Will he succeed? Will you, the listening audience, agree with the choices as well? Tune in below to find out.

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Shannon & The Clams “The Boy”

The Exbats “Psycho”

Black Paw “Bait”

Twin Ponies “Humpty”

The Echo Bombs “Pistachio Pudding”

Lauren Ruth Ward “Sheet Stains”

Nellen Dryden “Funny Feelings”

Annabel Allum “Beat the Birds”

Harrison Fjord “Game”

Bradford Trojan “Mrs. Moonlight”

Courtney Marie Andrews “Kindness of Strangers”

Cut Worms “Till Tomorrow Goes Away”

Breakup Shoes “Brian Wilson Is My Dad”

Failure Machine “Shame”

Originally broadcast on March 14, 2018

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