Radio Phoenix Podcast: Hex Wave

hex wave 2Those rowdy rocknrollers Josué, Lucinda, Max, and Matt known collectively as HEX WAVE joined us in the Radio Phoenix studios to play some tracks and talk about what’s new with the band. We learn some history about Casa Butthole and Endless Bummer Fest as well as hear about Josué’s latest project, Bloody Basin. The complete playlist can be found below. Enjoy the Demonlust.

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Hex Wave Frank’s Ghost

Samhain Mother of Mercy

White Zombie Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony)

Lydia Lunch Done Dun

Sonic Youth Death Valley ’69

Crass Mother Earth

Nausea Cybergod

HW Hex Wave

Grave Moss Trees

Sisters of Mercy Marian

Sunn Trio Hashashins of Alamut

Special podcast version only
Lydia Lunch Some Velvet Morning

Recorded live on March 7, 2018