Radio Phoenix Podcast: Twin Ponies

twin ponies 01On this episode of The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix we talk with Twin Ponies about their latest album, Twin Ponies, as well as what’s upcoming for the band. We also enjoy their playlist of rad jams and learn about some new bands too! Check it out.

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Twin Ponies “Groundskeeper”

Nanami Ozone “Damage”

Lychee “Sweet Death”

Closet Goth “Why is No One Laughing at My Jokes”

Instructions “F.K.B.”

James Band “Pulsing Proof”

Dent “Rebeka”

TP “God’s Droppings”

Lazarus Threw The Fight “The Entity”

Stealing Your Kill “Berenstein Bears”

Diners “Beauty”

Awake and Alert “Headlines”

The Prison Ships “Last Spark”

Bonus podcast only tracks:

Willetta “Books”

Joshua Hill “Guardians of the Galaxie 500”

Originally broadcast live on March 21, 2018