5 Stellar Songwriters You Need to Know

by Carly Schorman

The Blood Feud Family Singers

“I Didn’t Come Here for Your Honesty (Lie to Me)”

Daryl Scherrer is a songwriter everyone should know by name. Well, maybe we can settle for everyone knowing the name of The Blood Feud Family Singers; the band where Scherrer showcases his songwriting skills. And, yes, I am very aware that I’m treating the staggering musical talent of Marc Oxborrow, Mark Allred, Douglas Berry, and Megan Neff as little more than a sideshow attraction in this whole Blood Feud Family Singers thing, but when Daryl sings, I can honestly only hear the thud of my heart being thrown to the ground and kicked around by life.


Keith Cooper

“American French Revolution”

Phx-born songwriter Keith Cooper is getting ready for the release of his new album, Rabid Underdogs, which is due out this coming February. “American French Revoloution” gives listeners a sampling of what’s in store and, I must say, Cooper’s songwriting offers up just the right amount of nerdy, highly-referential wordsmithing that we’re partial to here. Guess that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for an artist whose twitter handle is @yourpunpal.  If you dig overtly intellectual indie rock, make sure you check out “American French Revolution” by Keith Cooper.

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Ruby Gill

“Your Mum”

Get ready to get heartbroken. Ruby Gill’s new single resonates with such intensely personal anguish, it’s impossible to distance yourself from the hurt of it all. Or maybe it’s just that “Your Mum” strikes a personal chord with me, but I think that’s just the magic of a truly stellar songwriter: to make you feel their work applies to you, personally. Ruby Gill does just that on “Your Mum” and now please excuse me while I dive into the internet to unearth the complete body of work available online from this Australian songwriter.

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Victoria Bigelow


Victoria Bigelow got an early start in the music industry and moved to Nashville as a teen to write music, but early motherhood set her on a different course. Now, with toddler in tow, Bigelow is ready to return to songwriting with renewed fervor. This single comes to us from Going Blue; the forthcoming EP from the now NY-based artist. “Blame” takes self-depreciation to a whole new in the most lovely way possible. Sink into this mellow stunner and join us in the wait for Going Blue from Victoria Bigelow.

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Lucinda Belle

“I’ll Be Loving You”

As soon as I saw the words “pop-noir singer-songwriter and harpist” strung together in a sentence like pearls on a string, I knew Lucinda Belle was an artist I needed to know more about. The London-born songwriter who now calls San Francisco home has an old fashioned sensibility that shines on her new single, “I’ll Be Loving You”. This track could have turned radio dials back in the 1950s, but its timelessness plays up to modern audiences just the same.  “I’ll Be Loving You” comes to us from  Lucinda Belle’s forthcoming LP, Think Big: Like Me, which was recorded at Toe Rag Studio using an 8 track in just two live takes.

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