2018 Office Favorite: ‘Pleb’ by The Echo Bombs

What album got more airtime at YabYum HQ this year than any other? It was, without a doubt, The Echo Bombs’ April release, Pleb. These ten-tracks of turbo fueled disappointment provided us with some of our favorite singles of the entire year, but the best way to listen is from start to finish and then all over again.

This album is perfect for the gym or cleaning your bathroom or basically any mundane task that you have to do to be considered a fucking adult in this world… which is basically everything. Pleb can highlight individual moments of anguish from your personal narrative OR just provide you with a broad, overarching sense of discontent; all served fresh with infectious lyrics and enough energy to have you confused about whether you’re experiencing an upper or a downer.

In follow-up to this release, The Echo Bombs also dropped some additional tracks on pleB-Sides in September and a few more tracks on PleboweenLet’s hope 2019 finds the band just as busy.

Check out The Echo Bombs live at The Lost Leaf this Friday, January 11, with Man Hands, DOMS, and Puppy and The Handjobs. More info here.