7 Awesome (and Eclectic) Indie Music Videos

Heavy Heart
“Bed Bug”

In terms of the single and the music video, “Bed Bug” will keep you guessing with its coexistent concepts. It’s gentle yet grungy. Toying with love, sex, violence, and self all in one music video. Anna Vincent, vocalist and songwriter for the band, said, “We’re interested in dynamics; in something introspective and intimate followed immediately by something searing and powerful; a blossoming, beautiful rage.” This London act is up to some interesting things.

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Henry Hall
“Proverbial Ice”

“Proverbial Ice” is the opening track from Henry Hall’s latest EP, Questions, Comments, Concerns, and it definitely hits on some topics close to home. For an anxiety-ridden writer, Henry Hall might just be right up my alley in a lyrical sense, but his lithe voice will hit home with folx of all levels of depression.

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She Keeps Bees

Indie-grunge-folk act, She Keeps Bees, has a moody new track to share and I think you’re going to want to check it out. Combining the musical talents of Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, She Keeps Bees meets at a desolate intersection of styles, leaving you with a stripped-down and soulful performance on “Coyote”. And the music video, like the song itself, pays homage to folk-singer and activist, Katie Lee, who holds a special a special place with me (and hopefully the rest of Arizona).

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Aaron Taos
“Birthday Boy”

This song is the title track from Aaron Taos’ brand-spanking-new release. The “semi-concept album about growing older” and this song really hits on the despondency that can sometimes strike as the birthday draws near… every damn year. Check out “Birthday Boy”, the single, in music video form before heading over to Spotify for the full release.

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Boston resident Davide DiAngelis is a man of many talents. In addition to being a visual artist, DiAngelis also crafts music under the moniker, Helenor, and he’s preparing for the release of his debut LP with this snazzy new music video. Helenor presents a bedroom chill indie style while the video for “Artifact” provides visually striking accompaniment. Follow Helenor on Spotify to join us in the wait for his new LP, something twice, later this year.

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Afternoon Author

This indie-electro duo from PHX includes members from the band Scenery. “Matchless” marks the first single from Afternoon Author, but the word is that the band is currently at work on a full album so you can expect more singles in the months to come. Sink into the subterranean synth sounds of Afternoon Author while you follow along with the lyric video. It reads like something in between a love letter and a letter from a stalker, but I suppose some of the best ones do.

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WYO frontman Andy Sorge originated in (surprise) Wyoming, but he now calls Los Angeles home. Nevertheless, he took inspiration from the sweeping landscapes of his home state on his westward migration. The lush indie rock of WYO meets actual Wyoming in the music video “Moonlight”, the first single from WYO’s sophomore effort, Changes. The visual and auditory pairing likely speaks to the influence on draws from the other. Changes is due out later this year so stayed tuned for the new album from WYO.

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