5 Hawt HipHop Singles

by Carly Schorman

Injury Reserve

“Koruna & Lime”

“Koruna & Lime” kicks off the brand new s/t LP from Injury Reserve (which came out May 17) and helps PHX fans catch up on what the HipHop trio has been up to since they bounced coastal to Los Angeles. Injury Reserve’s Parker Corey presents instrumentals that are surprisingly intricate but seemingly simple on that first listen. And, in juxtaposition to the super cool (somewhat slouchy) delivery style of the emcees Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T, this act is helping define the future of underground HipHop. “Koruna & Lime” is a strong start to an eclectic album that should be listened to in its entirety. Other highlights from the album include early singles “Jawbreaker” and, of course, “Jailbreak the Tesla”. Head to their online store to pre-order the album, Injury Reserve, on vinyl. It will sell out.

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The Experience

“The Get Down”

The D.C. artist known as The Experience is ready to blast you with his fun and funky musical stylings. “The Get Down” is so much fun to listen to you might just slide past the lyrics on that first round and miss, “There’s a shooter in the back, you better get down,” on the refrain. But it’s there. Because we live in a world where even the dance jams need heavy-hitting lyrics to help get the point across.

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Offal A La Carte

Don’t tell my copy editor, but I embedded the full EP below rather than just selecting one single from the new EP from Phoenix’s Hesperus. Way I see it, the full Offal A La Carte clocks under nine minutes. Surely you have nine minutes to engage in a Hesperus word drift, right? From “Lunch Break” to “U Know Not What 2 Expect”, each track offers momentary glimpses into the daily life of the songwriter in a way that relaxes as it resonates.

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Eva Noxious

“Rep Your Roots”

Repping Phoenix Old School Hip-Hop, we have the street savvy styles of Eva Noxious. “Rep Your Roots” comes to us from the album, Chingona Style, which will have you feeling nostalgic with its retro instrumentals. And Eva Noxious sounds like an emcee you don’t want to fuck with. If you mesh with the style on “Rep Your Roots”, I suggest heading over to Bandcamp to catch Chingona Style by Eva Noxious in full.



“Flowers Started Dying Yesterday”

“Flowers Started Dying Yesterday” is the first single from the EP of the same title from AIME. This is really more like a series of vignettes rather than most hook-rhyme-hook structured hiphop tracks. This is a visionary journey through an aural landscape. Dive into “Flowers Started Dying Yesterday” by AIME and let it entrench your senses.

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