5 Experimental Hip Hop Tracks You Should Hear

Experimental Hip Hop 700A. Billi Free

“Against the Wall”

A. Billi Free is a “Singer / Rapper / Lyricist / Song Writer / Performer” from New Mexico that we should all be paying attention to. Right now. Free just released her latest LP this month and it’s stellar from start to finish.  Combining innovative soundscapes with poignant lyricism, A. Billi Free flexes her talents on I Luma. The first single from the album, “Against the Wall”, sets a steady pace for the outpouring of pensive words about the world, but the album in full should be explored by everyone reading this right now. A. Billi Free is a promising talent right here in the Southwest.

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Julius King


The name “Brutus” has come to signify betrayal in the same way “Judas” has thanks to Shakespeare (and Roman history).  Julius King plays upon that association for his own introspective exploration of betrayal on his new single, “Brutus”. But, the old theme gets a fresh style with King’s swaggering delivery and dynamic instrumental end. No surprise that Julius King was recognized by the Phoenix New Times for being one of the up-and-coming names in the local hip hop scene. If you haven’t already, you should definitely take Julius King and his new single “Brutus” for a spin…

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Marne Dom


This sludgey new hiphop track comes to us from AZ artist, Marne Dom. “Triple-Double” comes after Marne Dom released a 7-track album earlier this year so I guess there was no pause to rest before he was back in the studio to lay down more hits. No surprise, I guess, once you delve into the goal-oriented lyrics on “Triple-Double”. Check out the new single from Marne Dom and then make sure to follow to stay up-to-date on this prolific emerging artist.

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Clay Dudash


We first became enamored with the music of Clay Dudash when he was making bouncy indie rock, but in recent years, we’ve notice that this artist has started seeking out some stranger aural landscapes to explore. On “BBHF”, Dudash worked with beatmaker Soonan to create a grimy atmosphere of experimental sounds. If you like your hip hop weird and disembodied, look no further than the strange sonic permutations in “BBHF” from Clay Dudash.

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Troop Brand

“Cherry Trees”

Troop Brand from the ATL partnered with Kota the Friend to give life to this new single. “Cherry Trees” features strange layers of electronic sounds to give the single some heavy texturing that moves fluidly with the deeply embedded vocal layers. “Cherry Trees” comes to us from Carpe Diem, the new release available this month from Troop Brand. So if you dig the strange sea of sound heard on this number consider diving further into the offerings from this Atlanta music-maker.

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