5 Stellar New Singles

by Carly Schorman

Ultraviolet Communication


This Phoenix 3-piece might be new on the scene, but looks like there about to start making some waves. Their debut single, “Headstone”, fuses together 60s psych rock with modern indie. The band doesn’t let the trippy texturing get all muddled up with unneeded distortion but allows the listener to hear the clear shifts in melody and progression. “Headstone” might sound like a dismal time, but it’s actually a pretty upbeat journey. And one you should definitely embark upon. Check out “Headstone” from Ultraviolet Communication.

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This song is stupid good. Soft-spoken and heart-shattering with subtle beauty. I swear, I can’t even listen to it loud enough at the office and that is making me uncomfortably angry right now. This is a music place and my speakers are failing to produce the volume I feel I need. Sundaes manages to capture the tenderness of new love in the vocal layers of “Boyfriend” so I’m almost not surprised the band made their public debut in 2015 with two sold-out shows at the Chelsea Hotel. No, I’m totally kidding. Who the fuck does that? Sundaes, apparently, and after hearing “Boyfriend”, I can tell you I definitely wish I was at that show. From this point forward, I would be willing to drive six hours to see this band. Please keep that in mind, Sundaes, when planning your next tour.

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Sad Dance Party

“Sit Back (Relax)”

Sad Dance Party has a new album lurking just on the horizon. Yep, the PHX band is releasing a 4-track EP titled, No One Like(s) U, on November 1, but they released the slow-burning closer to fans early as a bit of a teaser. On first listen, “Sit Back (Relax)” carries the signature Sad Dance Party folk-punk sound with the emphasis placed heavily on the folk side this time around. But, as you delve deeper and really take in the lyrics, you might start to hear the slight indignation tucked into the lyrics as the vocalist asserts, “I know I’m right.” Check out the new single and maybe slide in that pre-order while you still have time.

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Sun Conscious

“Landlocked Jaw”

What does surf music sound like when there isn’t an ocean in sight? Well, if you’re lucky and listening to Sun Conscious, it sounds like guitars rushing you through open stretches of desert highway and sun-soaked reverb. “Landlocked Jaw” is the first single from the quintet since their 2018 LP, La Casa Ilusion, and it’s about damn time we had more music from these local instrumental all stars. Sun Conscious is a DIY band from start to finish but the recording quality here feels like it was studio polished. Make sure you check out “Landlocked Jaw” and light a candle in hopes that Sun Conscious might be working on more new music right now, at this very moment.

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This slacker indie-folk-pop band from Portland came together in a basement in Portland and just dropped their debut EP last week on Oct. 25th. “Tallboy” comes to us from that EP, Under the Firmament. The sweet tones of the vocals against the somber, stripped down guitars on this song about love and beer gives the song a somewhat bleak feel. “Tallboy” definitely helps dig out that hopeless pit burrowed into your heart. But that just makes more room for beer, right? Check out “Tallboy” from CHAD and then head to Bandcamp to hear the brand-spanking-new EP…

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