5 Stellar New Singles: The Americana + Indie-Folk Edition

by Carly Schorman

John Burnette

“Mercy Mercy”

Get ready to get heartbroken. John Burnette delivers an emotionally devastating murder ballad entirely a capella on “Mercy Mercy” which serves to highlight his tremendous skills as a singer-songwriter. This Arkansas-raised, Nashville-based musician earned a college degree in music with an emphasis in jazz guitar and composition. You can hear that guitar prowess on other tracks from his 2019 release, Parlor One, which also includes this stellar single. Make sure you give “Mercy Mercy” a listen and then head to Bandcamp or Spotify to check out the album from whence it came. You won’t be disappointed.

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Karen & the Sorrows

“Jonah and the Whale”

This Brooklyn-based queer country act is rapidly on the rise. With a scrappy Americana sound and vocals reminiscent of early country recording acts like Dolly Parton, it’s easy to understand why Karen & the Sorrows have received attention from the likes of Rolling Stone and Billboard. “Jonah and the Whale” carries a dark, alt-country swagger and shines a promising light on the forthcoming album from Karen & the Sorrows. Guaranteed Broken Heart drops on October 18th so like/follow Karen & the Sorrows to get the update on that release.

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Leeroy Stagger

“Hey Hey! (Song For Gord)”

Canadian singer-songwriter Leeroy Stagger crafts lithe indie-folk without sacrificing serious storytelling. “Hey Hey! (Song For Gord)” comes to us from Strange Path, Stagger’s newest album concurrently released with a book of the same title. The title of the album refers to the songwriter’s “unexpected route from the BC punk scene to southern-Alberta singer songwriter” and you can hear the thread of that tale in this track. With an earthy and upbeat indie-folk sound, “Hey Hey! (Song For Gord)” seeks to remind us that “the more that we change, the more that we stay the same.” Check out “Hey Hey! (Song For Gord)” below or head over to Spotify to hear the complete LP.

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Damn The Weather


This new single from Phoenix’s Damn The Weather crosses alt-country with alt-rock and throws in a pinch of indie pop for some added bounce. The genre-melting soup this quintet makes when they get together is quite catchy… and somewhat murderous. I have to admit that Damn The Weather is one of those bands that I heard about and didn’t really dive into until now. How did I miss the fucking boat here? The players that make up Damn The Weather really show their musical chops on “Saturine” and I’m excited to share that the band has another new track that will be out before the year’s end. So make sure you’re following Damn The Weather wherever you do your interneting to stay apprised on that release.

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Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers

“Baba Vanga”

Brooklyn’s really killing it on the Americana front and the NYC-based collective known as Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers is yet another act to add to your need-to-know list. Their new single, “Baba Vanga” sounds like it emerges from an Appalachian cave to sing haunting prophecies to an enchanting tune. The song’s title refers to a “Bulgarian Clairvoyant and Herbalist (circa 1900) who suffered great loneliness and misfortune.” During an extended jam session in Brooklyn, Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers began to spin the tale of Baba Vanga into the web of this song. Listen to “Baba Vanga” – right here, right now.

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