5 (Other) Music Blogs You Should Check Out

We get it. There are other blogs in other places. You should check ’em out because some are pretty cool. Like these here. Sincerely, your Phoenix guide to music.

Loud Women

As a loud woman who loves music, I was immediately taken with the premise behind the blog. Cassie Fox founded Loud Women in London when she grew tired of her band getting bottom billing because “women play more gently than men” or being the only women in the green room night after night. Now the team has expanded beyond Fox to include women in music around the globe. Loud Women, the publication and organization, supports riotous women making rowdy music AND they host an annual festival in London every year. In fact, they are currently accepting applications for their September 2020 LOUD WOMEN FEST 5 – all womxn and non-binary musicians and bands are welcome to apply.

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Indie Obsessive

If you’re indie-obsessed, the name of this blog says it all. Whatever type of “indie” you might be into, this blog is here to help. Indie folk, bedroom indie, indie rock, and all the other indie hyphens, but they leave other genres to those with interest in those arenas so don’t bother trying to slide one past them. The Indie Obsessive crew is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and they love live show reviews so keep that in mind if you happen to be passing through the region, but they also cover recorded music on the regular.

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Americana Highways

Save your chillwave and your remixes. Americana Highways gathers interviews and stories, reviews and new releases, and even contributions from musicians in the forms of poetry, essays, and tour diaries. It’s a pretty rad publication for folx interest in Americana, bluegrass, and folk.

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Doubtful Sounds

This music blog from Down Under is run by by Chris Familton, a freelance journalist and musician, and the content is solid. Covering music across the genre spectrum, Doubtful Sounds offers music news, album reviews, interviews, and more on the regular. Don’t worry about getting commercial, overly hashed out sounds from Doubtful Sound. Chris Farmilton filters for quality.

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Fuzzy Sun

If you’re into psych rock, noise rock, experimental garage rock, doom, or basically anything else with a lot of distortion and attitude, Fuzzy Sun might be the blog for you. Run by a trio of music writers from across the pond (in Europe this time), they keep their readers apprised of all things fuzzy with regular write-ups about new music, interviews, and monthly playlists of their favorite singles.

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