Best Indie Pop Album: ‘Bashful’ by Danielle Durack

Danielle Durack

Phoenix singer-songwriter Danielle Durack released her collection of stellar and soft-spoken songs last January. Bashful gently undulates as the listener moves through it. The songs are calm and pensive; bleak at certain moments and powerfully uplifting at others.

At a time in history, where any songwriter with a guitar can gain access to quality recording options, we find ourselves in a deluge of stripped down indie, bedroom pop, and lovelorn ballads. But, as Jacob Unterreiner describes in his article, Durack is an artist who “has accomplished the near-impossible task of being a singer-songwriter who has separated herself from the crowd.”

Make sure to check out Bashful by Danielle Durack. You can read our original article on Bashful here.

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